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Athletic Crush: Boston RAWK Climbing this Sunday

November 8, 2010

Contributed by Matt Girard, bassist for The Motion Sick, The Future Everybody & The Backup Factor

How many times during a show right after the big guitar solo do you feel like you’re flying 30 feet in the air? How about having the opportunity to hang 30 feet up? Veronica Dale (of The Future Everybody) moonlights as an instructor at several local rock climbing establishments and has teamed up with Boston Rock Gym in Woburn to create a special event for the local music community. Taking place this Sunday afternoon, the two-hour group session will include all rental gear and everything you need to RAWK the walls. Cost is $15 per person, and more information is available on the Facebook event (or just click to poster, left, to see it larger). To participate you must RSVP no less than 72 hours in advance by emailing Veronica. She also plans to attend tomorrow night’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Social so find her there if you have any questions, fears, etc.

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