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Show Crush: Jeddo Stars and Naked On Roller Skates at TT’s Thursday

November 9, 2010

TT’s is bringing a pair of touring bands to Central Square on Thursday night: Biker Daughter from Los Angeles and Hank & Cupcakes from Brooklyn. At this point you might be asking yourself “why is this information on a Boston-centric blog?” It’s simple – forming a meaty local rock sandwich by filling out the middle slots are two Bandcrush favorites.

Jeddo Stars are a crisp, enthusiastic six-piece who play blisteringly good alternative pop. Spurred on by lead vocalist Ellie Volckhausen’s powerful voice, the band delivers a blockbuster performance every time they play.

Naked On Roller Skates is a veritable Boston supergroup, featuring members of The Motion Sick, the Liz Borden Band and Air Traffic Controller. Anchored by Leesa Coyne’s incredible songwriting, their performances frequently result in joyous hand clapping and outbreaks of sweaty, devil may care dancing.

9pm / 21+ / $9

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