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Show Crush: Bang Camaro / Mystery Roar / Leslie at the Paradise Friday

November 10, 2010

In these times of political and religious disharmony, of social tension and concern for the future, the citizens of the world struggle to find something to rally around, some cause to bring them together to move forward as one. If there is a better way than wailing guitar solos and gang vocals to unify us as a people, I’ve never heard of it. That’s why you should make your way to the Paradise Rock Club on Friday night as Bang Camaro make their triumphant return to the stage, emerging from their rock ‘n roll hibernation just when they’re needed the most.

Fronted by scorching guitar champions and backed by a choir of rock revolutionaries, Bang Camaro create an over the top homage to their forefathers, calling down the thunder of the gods who came before. It’s easy to imagine Cliff Burton, Randy Rhoads and Dio (among others) all watching from some rock ‘n roll Valhalla and smiling.

Joining them will be electro-pop upstarts Mystery Roar, which may seem like a weird fit until you realize that drummer Andy Dole once played drums with Bang Camaro (he can be heard all over the first record); and Charleston, SC 3-piece Leslie.

8pm / 18+ / $16.50 advance tickets here

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