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Festival Crush: Deep Heaven Now 2 at PA’s and Precinct this weekend

November 11, 2010

Whether you are hip to the fuzz, flakes and shakes, or tuned in to the atmospheric timbre, you are guaranteed to get as much as you can handle at Deep Heaven Now 2. The second happening of the ambient/psych rock music festival is set to take over Union Square in Somerville this weekend. The first installment of the festival went down back in August when organizer Jinsen Liu (28 Degrees Taurus) decided to bring back the vibe of the original underground Deep Heaven festival series that happened in Boston in the ’90s.

For two days the stages of Precinct and PAs Lounge will host 27 bands from Boston and beyond. Music will alternate on the half hour between the two stages throughout the day, resulting in minimal overlap of music so that ambitious attendees can be sure to catch all the bands. During the day there will be a tent setup outside with band merchandise and local vendors.


Day 1 Friday, November 12th:
Precinct – Stage 1
12:30am Endless Wave
11:30pm Quiet Loudly (NY)
10:30pm Transient
9:30pm Hadoken
8:30pm Red Skies

PA’s Lounge – Stage 2
12am Electric Zeus
11pm MMOSS
10pm Quilt
9pm Herbcraft (ME)
8pm Mind Yeti

Day 2 Saturday, November 13th:
Precinct – Stage 1
12pm 28 Degrees Taurus
11pm Gospel Gossip (MN)
10pm The Vandelles (NYC)
9pm Roh Delikat
8pm Brief Candles (WI)
7pm The Dirty Dishes
6pm The Crushing Low
4pm Amoroso
3pm Second Day Venom

PA’s Lounge – Stage 2
12am The December Sound
11:15pm Screen Vinyl Image (DC)
10:30pm Night Fruit
9:30pm Bobb Trimble & the Flying Spiders
8:30pm The Sounds of Kaleidoscope (PA)
7:30pm Ghost Box Orchestra
6:30pm Dead Leaf Echo (NY)
5:30pm Joe Turner & 7 Levels

Video projections will be run by Joe Turner & Joe Beaton at PA’s, and Jinsen at Precinct. Tickets, which give you access to both venues, are $10/day. The festival is sponsored by WZBC 90.3 Flyweight, and Narragansett is giving two free beers to the first 50 people to show up. Both venues are 21+.

70 Union Square
Somerville, MA

PA’s Lounge
345 Somerville Avenue
Somerville, MA

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