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Show Crush: Runner and the Thermodynamics / The Lights Out / The Organ Beats / Minor Stars at TT the Bear’s tomorrow

November 18, 2010

TT’s is really pulling out all the stops for this one, bringing in a lineup for the ages. This will be a rock show in its purest form as Boston rock heroes past and present assemble in Central Square for a night of glory.

Back for one night only, Runner and the Thermodynamics are set to tear through old favorites and remind us what we’ve been missing these last few years. The headlining slot was originally reserved for Marc Pinansky’s current band Township, but when much needed back surgery was scheduled for that band’s drummer (get well soon Greg!), Runner was summoned to save the day. Take a look at the video below before reliving the glory live and in person. The Lights Out are a Boston institution, diving headfirst into a sea of power chords and wailing vocals with abandon, they whip audiences into a wonderful frenzy. Their recent Halloween performance as Madonna earned rave reviews, but we’ve got a feeling they’re itching to get back to rocking crowds with their own material. What better night than this? The Organ Beats offer an upbeat brand of hard rock that hovers just between power pop and heavy metal which rightfully earned them Boston Music Award nomination. Grizzled road warriors before they could legally buy booze, it’s refreshing to see the direction they’ve taken. North Carolina psychedelic indie outfit Minor Stars will start off the night.

Facebook event page
8pm / 21+ / $10 (advance tickets here)

Classic video from the Runner vaults:

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