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Local Radio Crush: Sunday night playlists

November 23, 2010

Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood on WZLX

THE SHODS – Going Back Home from Bamboozled, Jilted, Hornswaggled + Hoodwinked, 1998.

THE RUSSIANS – Sober and Un-upsetting from Crash the Party, 2010.

BILL JANOVITZ AND CROWN VICTORIA – My Radio from Fireworks on TV, 2004.

SODAFROG – When I Landed from Hang the Moon, 2010.

THE SHEILA DIVINE – The Innocents, online release from current sessions. Playing at Great Scott 11/24 with The Hush Now and The Fatal Flaw.

DRINKING GAMES – Let’s Go Have A Beach Party from Drinking Games, 2010.

FRANK SMITH – Go Home from Think Farms, 2005.

CRADLE TO THE GRAVE – Before the Dawn from Cradle to the Grave, 2010.

CRADLE TO THE GRAVE – Death of Me, from Cradle to the Grave, 2010.

THE NEW ALIBIS – Survive from The New Alibis, 2008.

Fave New Local Song Poll #18:

#5. BRITTANY GRAY – I Want My Belt Back, playing at TT the Bear’s 11/24, CD release for Paper Hearts.

#4. WATTS – Chaperone, playing at the Rosebud Bar 12/10, CD release for On the Dial.

#3. ONE STEP AWAY – Here We Go

#2. BIRD MANCINI – (I Want My Own) Brian Epstein


PHIL AYOUB – Bad Habits from Arrivals and Departures, 2010.

RUIN/RENEWAL – Proverbs from Ruin/Renewal, found them courtesy of their Bandcamp page. They’re playing at Precinct 12/4.

– Let Me Go, live in studio.

ZOMBIE RADIO – City of One from City of One EP, 2010.

lowercase me – Til It Takes Me Over, featuring Frank of Waltham with Lauren of AndWutz.

WALTHAM – No Easy Way Out from Essentials, 2010

BLACK THAI – The Ladder from Blood From On High, playing at Great Scott 12/4 CD release with Black Pyramid, Riff Cannon and Livver.

Boston Accents with Dave Duncan on WFNX

BEARSTRONAUT – Moniker, new single. Tonight was the world radio premiere of the band’s forthcoming new single.

SECOND DAY VENOM – Beyond, no official release yet. Live video available on band myspace site.

GHOST BOX ORCHESTRA – Oh, The Moon Hangs Low from the album The Only Light On. Next show 12/9 at Rosebud.

HOORAY FOR EARTH w/TWIN SHADOW – A Place We Like new single. Nominated for Boston Music Award in “band that doesn’t live here” category (though half the band still does).

NOVEMBER GROUP – Pictures of the Home Land from the November Group LP. Originally released in 1982.

THE HUSH NOW – Please Mephisopheles (Leave Me Alone) new recording. Playing 11/24 at Great Scott with The Sheila Divine and The Fatal Flaw.

MOUNT PERU – Summer Jinx from the album My Sweetheart The Destroyer. Next show 12/2 at Plough & Stars.

BUILDING – Apartment Hunting from their self-titled demo EP. Features former members of Garrison, No Triggers and more.

OILHEAD – Cats from their self-titled EP. Spin represents band’s terrestrial radio debut. Meow!

TELEVANDALS – Good For Nothing available as a single. Nominated for Best Local Music Video in the 2010 Boston Music Awards.

DIRTY BOMBS – In Every City not yet released. Band features members of The Luxury, Televandals and Conservative Man.

DAVID WAX MUSEUM – The Persimmon Tree from the self-titled album. Nominated in the Americana category in the 2010 Boston Music Awards.

WINTERPILLS – Are You Sleeping? from the Tuxedo of Ashes EP.

THE TOWNIES – Twisted, from the album One For The Ditch. Playing 12/2 at Precinct.

STREIGHT ANGULAR – Alright, new single, playing 11/23 at TT’s with Powderkegs and Robert Blake.

THE INFORMATION – New Deal, from their debut EP. Band features Patrick Dole now of Mystery Roar & Zack Wells, organizer of “Born of Fire” metal night.

BRITTANY GRAY – I Want My Belt Back. New single, playing 11/24 at TT’s with Mark Lind, Cradle to Grave, Zombie Radio and more.

THE SHEILA DIVINE – The Innocents new recording. Playing Wed 11/24 at Great Scott with The Fatal Flaw and The Hush Now.

FOX PASS – Hurry Cherie from the album Intemporel. Next show in Jan 2011 at Quincy Beachcomber.

MUY CANSADO – Love and Fear from the Love and Fear EP. Playing 12/3 at the Rosebud.

7L & ESOTERIC featuring INSPECTAH DECK – 12th Chamber from the album 1212. Nominated for Boston Music Award in album category.

OLD ABRAM BROWN – Tides, from the album Restless Ghosts. View the video for this song on the band’s website.

THE GRAVEL PIT – Something’s Growing Inside, from the album The Gravel Pit Manifesto. Album originally released in 1996.

THE CHANNELS – The Moon from their self-titled debut album. Originally released circa 2006.

THE EVERYDAY VISUALS – Boom Boom Boom! from the self-titled album. Playing 12/15 at the Paradise opening for Liz Phair.

LADY LAMB THE BEEKEEPER – Beluga (Live), live recording of song performed at the close of last week’s Billy Ruane Memorial Birthday Bash.

Bay State Rock with Carmelita on WAAF

GIRLS GUNS & GLORY – Big Man, performing 11/26 at TT The Bear’s Place with Highway Ghosts, and Daisy’s Little Secret.

HIGHWAY GHOSTS – Beauty Queen, performing 11/26 at TT The Bear’s Place with Girls Guns & Glory, and Daisy’s Little Secret.

VELVETEEN PLAYBOYS – Tangerine, performing 11/26 at Showcase Live in Foxboro for their CD release.

SARAH BLACKER – Countin’ Pennies, performing 11/27 at New North Shore Music Hall in Hingham, MA with Adam Hoffman, Dan Blakeslee and Senavit Tomliinson.

– Flash

– Dead Friends, performing 11/26 at The Middle East downstairs with Beneath the Stone, Pay N Blood, The Tin Thistles and Union Boys.

STEVE BRODSKY (Cave In) – Voice Electric, performing 11/27 at The Midway in Jamaica Plain, MA with Mr. Sister, Coyote Kolb, and The Points North.

COYOTE KOLB – Heartland, performing 11/27 at The Midway in Jamaica Plain with Mr. Sister, Steve Brodsky, and The Points North.

7TH RAIL CREW – Superliar. Joined us for an interview on Sunday 11/21, they’ll be performing at a rare reunion show 12/4 at The Middle East downstairs with Nullset (formerly Gangsta Bitch Barbie), Breathe, Edge of the World and Drained.

STREIGHT ANGULAR – Washing Machine, performing 11/23 at TT The Bear’s Place with The Powderkegs, Robert Blake and Dan Baker.

THE SHEILA DIVINE – My Life As A Wrestler, performing 11/24 at Great Scott with The Hush Now and The Fatal Flaw.

RUSTIC OVERTONES – Combustible, performing 11/26 at The Dover Brickhouse in Dover, NH with The Sea Captains.

– ChristControl, by request for Brian in NY.

THE HUSH NOW – Big Awesome, performing 11/24 at Great Scott with The Sheila Divine and The Fatal Flaw.

LADY LAMB THE BEEKEEPER – Beluga, by request for Heidi Vierthaler.

JIM HEALEY – A previously recorded live acoustic on WAAF, performed and recorded on April 4, 2010.

DEAD CATS DEAD RATS – Shipwreck, performing 11/27 at PA’s Lounge in Somerville, MA.

MARK LIND – Coke & Jack, performing 11/24 at TT The Bear’s Place for the annual Thanksgiving Fiasco with Cradle to the Grave, Lowercase Me, Brittany Gray, Zombie Radio and Comedian Ken Reid.

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