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Blogger Crush: MacK + You = Love

November 24, 2010
me by day
Dear Boston music,
Toward the end of college, around the time I decided I couldn’t take myself seriously enough to become a philosophy professor, I made one of those lists of things I wanted to do before I die.  Some of the things on that list I have already accomplished.  I have fronted a band (This Blue Heaven) and put out not one, but two releases to date.  I have also flown a plane, published a few poems, and made some pretty fine crab rangoon wontons.  Other things on the list continue to elude me.  I have not yet shaved my head (I’m saving this for when I have children in middle school), written a book, or made a good decision about marriage.  The one item on my list that I have tried again and again but have yet to check off is the penning of the perfect love letter.  The perfect love letter is my white whale and my holy grail.
That brings me to you.  Boston music, I love you.  I love you to the depths and breadth and height this blue singing soul can reach.  So today I join the ranks of the crushers because this is the one and only space with enough hearts and unicorns and rainbows to allow me to begin to express my undying love to you.  I’ll call it crushing, but in my heart, I’ll be chasing the perfect love letter.  Who could be more inspiring than you?
me by night

P.S.  I’ll also be honing the interview skills I’ve been practicing in the Wednesday Duologues on my This Blue Heaven blog.  November was Boston Band Crush month over there, so be sure to check out my recent conversations with bloggers C.D. Di Guardia and Richard Bouchard!  (Earlier crusher duologues include Brendan BoogieAshley Willard, and Sophie Innerfield.)  My most recent duologue with BBC founder Michael J. Epstein dabbles in the kind of thing I’ll be doing over here when I’m not show crushing or band crushing:  lyrics crushing!  If Mike is any indication, you can expect to search your soul and spill your guts when you and I sit down to chat about your lyrics.  Until then!

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