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Show Crush: Girlfriends / CUFFS at ZuZu tonight

November 29, 2010

THIS JUST IN! Weed Hounds had to cancel due to problems with transport. Still gonna rule though!

Face it: you’re not getting much sleep for the next month or so. EVERYTHINGISHAPPENING. Just give in, and kick off a rocking holiday season with tonight’s installment of ZuZu’s Night of the Living Deadhead. The series is the brainchild of longtime ZuZu bartender John Allen, who also co-books PA’s with his brother Tommy (you know Tommy from Drug Rug, of course). John’s been doing a bang-up job booking all the red-hottest bands in town for his weekly series and tonight’s no exception. BMA nominees Girlfriends will fill your heart with warm garage-rock frenzy; New York’s Weed Hounds swing through town to drop off some of their high-energy pop/rock racket; and CUFFS will quench your yearning for smooth psychedelic-pop. Bonus: CUFFS combines members of Pants Yell!, Reports and Big Troubles. Bonus #2: This show is eff-are-ee-ee-FREE!

ZuZu / 21+ / 10pm / Facebook event

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