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Show Crush: The Dirty Dishes / Bear Hands / Hesta Prynn at Great Scott tonight

December 1, 2010

Wednesday night rock is for die-hards. Work week lethargy is peaking and the couch beckons with a siren’s call, so it’s understandable that people give in and stay home. This leaves the bars and clubs sparsely populated with only the strongest willed among us, doing more than their part to advance the cause of rock. We urge you, faithful readers, to not give in; to not allow your routine get the better of you by shaking off the shackles of ennui. Get yourself to Great Scott, buy yourself and that cute thing at the end of the bar a drink and know that you made the right decision.

The Dirty Dishes, the local heroes of this bill who just succeeded with a Kickstarter campaign that will result in recording time for them which = more excellent music for us, are primed to get the evening started with their grandiose shoegaze rock. Funny Dirty Dishes story – a couple of us Bandcrushers were at the nominee party for the Boston Music Awards last night when I saw this and said “Hey, look, it’s the Dirty Dishes!” Ashley promptly got very excited because she absolutely adores them, and then punched me for making the worst joke ever. Anyway, she’s right: they’re awesome, so make sure you check them out.

Closing the night will be two acts from New York – Hesta Prynn (of Northern State) and Bear Hands. Make sure you get there early for our homegirl and boys.

9pm / 18+ / $9

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