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Show Crush: Soccer Mom / Greg Lyon / Soft Pyramids / Sarah Borges at PA’s tomorrow night

December 3, 2010

We’re having one busy week here at HQ, but we don’t want to punch out before telling you about this show. Greg Lyon, member of The Beatings (one of my favorite local bands ever) and BirdsMakeBirds, releases his debut solo effort tomorrow night surrounded by friends at PA’s Lounge. Lyon’s Nowhere Near Poughkeepsie is a beautiful debut with lots of guest appearances, including a duet with Sarah Borges on “What Have We Come To” (available for free download on our most recent sampler). Rounding the bill are Soft Pyramids (whose music is available for free download if you click on their name thar) and Soccer Mom (who have appeared in our C.D. On Songs column and seem to have many of us confused over whether or not there ought to be a space in their name – anybody got the final say-so on this one?).

Saturday 12.4 / PA’s Lounge
8:30pm / 21+ / $10 (we think? PA’s site says $8-10, but there’s no explanation and no pre-sale ticket link is provided. womp womp)

Facebook event

  1. soccer mom – no space!

  2. Well now we're extra confused! Cause you said no space but wrote it with a space! Whhhhhaaa.

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