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Show Crush: Midatlantic / The Lights Out / Mellow Bravo / Vary Lumar / The Franks at Precinct on Sunday (day show)

December 10, 2010

There’s nothing quite as awesome as Sunday brunch. You spent Friday and Saturday night drinking and running all over the city like you’re 22 years old again; maybe after last call you stumbled home in the arms of a stranger or stood in the alley behind the bar ripping butts and drinking Four Loko with your bros until the sun came up. Whatever the case, Sunday morning is a time for healing. And maybe a little more drinking, just to even things out.

In addition to the normal eggs, pancakes and Bloody Marys, Precinct is putting on an early afternoon show. First up, in a move that proves they know our heads will be pounding with fresh hangovers, The Lights Out will be playing their first ever acoustic performance. Once they’ve eased everyone back into the mood for rock, the electric shows will start. The Franks will plug in for their dub inspired groove rock; Mellow Bravo will tear the roof off with one of the most powerful live shows in the city; and Vary Lumar bring the unabashed grandeur of arena rock wherever they go. The whole thing is hosted by anthemic rockers Midatlantic, and while there’s no cover, they will be collecting donations for the New England Center for Homeless Veterans. In fact, even if you can’t make it to the show you can head over to their donations page and help out.

Facebook event page

1pm / Free

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