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Best of 2010: John Brookhouse’s Top 10 Covers By Boston Bands

December 13, 2010

We invited friends to submit their Best of 2010 lists, wherein the only rule was that they had to somehow pertain to local music. If you’d like to submit a list for possible publication, email us!

John Brookhouse’s Top 10 Covers by Boston Bands this year:

1) Malibu Lou and the Wild Bunch – “Back in the New York Groove”
This song never fails to get me in a good mood, and when you add in the infectious energy of Mr. Malibu Lou, fuggetaboutit. I believe the last time I saw them do this, Lou hit me with an empty ‘Gansett tall boy.

2) AM Stereo – “Hey Jealousy”
They claimed this was on an upcoming cover album called Shittin’ on the Hits.

3) The Russians – “Say Goodbye to Hollywood”
Yeah. Billy Joel. Deal with it.

4) The Russians – “Pulling Mussels from a Shell”
Ok, two Russians covers by the guy who won a BMA for actually writing his own songs? Sorry. It was a good show!

5) Watts – “Rock n’ Roll Damnation”
Ladies and Gentlemen, John Blout!

6) Preacher Roe – “Game of Pricks”
Sometimes a local band plays one of your favorite tunes by one of your favorite bands and plays it well.

7) Mellow Bravo – “Panama”
These guys know how to have a good time. Diamond Dave would be proud.

8) John Powhida Int’l Airport – “Yankee Rose”

9) Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents – “She’s the One”
From the Bruce Springsteen night at TT’s. I was pretty blown away by how well they nailed this one. Their version of “Teenage Kicks” never disappoints, either.

10. Sidewalk Driver – “Moonage Daydream”
These guys do a mean Bowie and it’s hard to choose between this and their version of “Hang Onto Yourself,” but it’s hard to deny the power of this tune… even while getting blasted in the face with a confetti gun by a 10-foot quasi-tranny.

John Brookhouse is a local guitarist and has designed many of your favorite show posters. He plays with The Dirty Truckers, Clock Strikes Ten, The Rudds and others.

  1. hoo boy, shittin on the hits! I'd pay at least $8 for that.

  2. Don't forget Watts' new cover of The Angel's No Secrets!

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