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Best of 2010: Band In Boston’s Most Memorable Flophouse Moments

December 15, 2010

We invited friends to submit their Best of 2010 lists, wherein the only rule was that they had to somehow pertain to local music. If you’d like to submit a list for possible publication, email us!

Andy & Jen from Band In Boston’s Most Memorable Flophouse Moments in 2010:

Pared down from a much larger list that shouldn’t be on the public record until the statute of limitations is up:

• Getting a call from Kentucky Nightmare, who went to our address, but in Dorchester, only to find an overgrown vacant lot. And then another call when they were in Lexington after drastically overshooting. And finally, upon arriving, Simon proudly producing his missing tooth from his pocket.

• [Name removed to protect the guilty]: “Oh, I don’t do weed. I do anything else, but not weed. And I mean ANYTHING.”

• Mishearing Rob Campanella’s (from The Lovetones/Brian Jonestown Massacre) name as “Rolf”, thus coining a nickname that I’m sure he was tortured with for at least several stops on the tour.

• Honorable mentions from past years:
Leaving Deer Tick alone at the house with the Jacob Smigel Band, only to come home to the house cleaned, the dogs walked and fed, and the dishes washed.

• Jen mishearing the title of Low Red Land‘s “Hawks Die”, leading us to list it as “Hogstyle”. Which at least they agreed, is a much better name.

Andy and Jen run the Band In Boston Podcast, where they invite local and touring bands to 
record in their home, aka the Flophouse.
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