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Best of 2010: Brian E. King’s Top Ten Most Awesome Things This Year

December 15, 2010

We invited friends to submit their Best of 2010 lists, wherein the only rule was that they had to somehow pertain to local music. If you’d like to submit a list for possible publication, email us!

Brian E. King’s Top Ten Most Awesome Things In Boston This Year

1. DUH. My band Oranjuly‘s amazing CD release show to 200+ folks at the Middle East Downstairs

2. The Russians‘ LP. Personally, Scott Janovitz is a bad person, but he really deserved that Boston Music Award for Best Songwriter.

3. Spirit Kid. I can’t say enough about these dudes. Emeen is a totally macho tough guy who throws trash cans through church windows FOR FUN but the songs are extremely catchy. I call them the Garage Beatles. He’ll love that.

4. Miracle Parade. Chris Pappas’ first project away from The Everyday Visuals and it’s a spooky, lo-fi adventure through Wilco-land with more hooks.

5. The Boston music scene is better than EVER. So much support from fans, blogs, fellow musicians. Of course, I wish I lived in L.A. (I hate New England’s bi-polar weather – PUNS!) but I know the music community wouldn’t be as warm as Boston. Awwwwww.

6. John Powhida International Airport. JPO is my favorite frontman in Boston rock. He’s hilariously irreverant but a mindblowing singer, entertainer, and bass player. He also plays around 50 shows a week.

7. The Lizard Lounge. It’s hard as hell to book a show there but we’ve been lucky to play it three or four times in 2010. I love the seating, lack of a stage, exceptional sound engineers, great food, and really homey feel. I feel like I’m playing in front of my mirror. Naked. I ate nachos mid-song during our last set there and it was awesome.

8. The Cover-Up Series. Brendan Boogie and Andrea Kremer are two of my favorite and most respected music peepz in town and these shows are consistently perfect. The themes and bands they choose are spot on but I’m still waiting for a Billy Joel and/or Yacht Rock night. Make it happen k thx.

9. One Night Band. A really great concept for a good cause and another strong community builder in the Boston music world. I’m pumped for the ” I Like Your Leather 34th Anniversary Reunion Tour.”

10. Maybe this one is just for me, but playing with so many bands and amazing musicians this year is a huge honor. Corin Ashley, The Russians, Spirit Kid, my own band, among many, many others is fantastic.

Brian King is the singer/songwriter/guitarist in Oranjuly and is a contributor to The Weekly Dig.
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