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Show Crush: The Force Third Annual Christmas Spectacular at the Middle East upstairs tomorrow

December 16, 2010

Christmas is almost here, kids, and there’s still time to get on St. Nick’s naughty list. You don’t even have to work too hard at it – the groovy folks over at It’s A Trap!!! and Team Shred have put together a party to make sure we all do some bad, bad things tomorrow night at the Middle East upstairs.

That Handsome Devil will cap off the night with their filthy rockabilly funk. There’s nothing quite like seeing frontman Godforbid strut and preen around the stage barking out rhymes and cackling like a mad street preacher hopped up on hobo juice and amphetamines. They’re more than just a charismatic (albeit grimy) singer though, THD boasts a powerful lineup of players to give credence to his swagger; amazing backing vocals and horns are added to the normal guitar/bass/drums set up to create a sound worthy of boasting.

Stoner funk mental patients The Force are hosting the show, and word on the street (well, the internet) is that they’ll be filming the show in HD for an upcoming DVD release, so get your pretty little faces in front of the camera at some point.

Otherworldly supergroup Planetoid will continue their plan for world domination, enslaving the world one crowd at a time with the hidden messages in their galactic blues rock. Do not resist, just bang your head and accept your fate.

Synthpop vixen Casey Desmond brings a dance party wherever she goes; her versatile songwriting always keeps the audience hopping.

Frostbite will open the show with a set of original xmas tunes mixed with darkly twisted classics. Made up of members of The Force, Neurological Damage, and Captain Cutthroat; they’ll be handing out copies of their holiday record to everyone who walks through the door.

Facebook event page
8pm / 18+ / $10 (advance tickets here)

That Handsome Devil recorded a holiday treat to get you in the mood: Mr. Grinch by That Handsome Devil

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