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Best of 2010: Leesa Coyne’s Labors of Love

December 17, 2010

We invited friends to submit their Best of 2010 lists, wherein the only rule was that they had to somehow pertain to local music. If you’d like to submit a list for possible publication, email us!

Leesa Coyne’s Top Ten Most Annoying Business Things You Have to Do When You Are In a Band
If only it was all fun and rock n’ roll, right kids!!!

10) Packing the car/van/minivan/tour van/unicycle.
9) Hustling half-drunk people to join your mailing list while they are perfectly happy talking to their friends and not being annoyed by some jackass from the band.
8) Hand-screening t-shirts – yeah the first ten were like the most amazing art project ever but the other 49 are just annoying.
7) Parking the fucking car/van/minivan/tour van/unicycle when playing at Church during a Red Sox home game!
6) Working the day after a gig. You been rocking out to 2am, you hit up the fast food on the way home, dropped shit off at the space AND now you have to wake up at 7am and drag your busted hung over ass into your day job.
5) Cutting 4-up on 8.5 X 11 flyers by hand, like say 600 of them.
4) Band drama. Lets just face it… it’s like you’re dating at least three other people. I have trouble enough with one…
3) Online voting contests. We all do ’em (or some of us do), and as much as we would like to think we are masters of the art of shameless self-promotion, nothing makes you feel more like an asshole than harassing all your fans/friends/neighbors/cousins’ neighbors’ best friends’ dogs to vote for your stupid (amazing) band in yet another friggin’ online contest.
2) Hauling gear into the club in the freezing ass fucking cold. Welcome to New England, can I take an amp with that please.
1) Paying for band shit. If only making your art was free… and you still have to make your fucking rent too… and yes you are too old to ask your mom to cover it!

Leesa Coyne laboriously lugs her gear into the unicycle to sing and play guitar in Naked On Roller Skates. Photo by NORS bassist Kelly Davidson.
  1. I am soon to write a piece about why online voting is bad and why bands are simply being used when they participate. I like to hope that it's a trend that will die.

  2. i can see her underpants, i think.

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