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Best of 2010: Mark Dantini’s Best Hairdos

December 23, 2010

We invited friends to submit their Best of 2010 lists, wherein the only rule was that they had to somehow pertain to local music. We’re wrapping up our series so it’s last call — if you have a list to submit, email us today!

Mark Dantini’s Top Five Local Rock Dude Hairdos
Let’s face it, just the fact that we all know that “moptops” refers to The Beatles means that rock ‘n’ roll and hair go together like bread and I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter. Although I’ve succumbed to the fact that my worst hat looks infinitely cooler than my best hair day, I can certainly appreciate a good wig. So while I stock up on lids, I thought I’d list the local rockers that I feel could earn a place in the John Taylor hall of fame:

1. John Blout (Watts) – This is the hairdo that Les Paul invented to go with his guitar.

John Blout

2. Greg Allen (Port Charles Quintet) – ’72 Keef meets New York Dolls; shark tooth earring optional.

Greg Allen

 3. Rodrigo Van Stoli (Brownboot & Bang Camaro) – It’s like the Goodfellas line: “Whaddya want from me?”

l-r: Richard Bouchard, Rod Van Stoli, Adam Ritchie

4. Matthew Belyea (TheyWillHateUs) – Man of 1,000 hairdos!

Anna and Matthew of TheyWillHateUs

 5. John Sheeran (Township) – Sweet – ya know, like the band…

John Sheeran

Mark Dantini plays lead guitar and sings a bit with Monophonic and used to be called Dark Martini.
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