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Best of 2010: Mike Orr’s favorite axes

December 27, 2010

We invited friends to submit their Best of 2010 lists, wherein the only rule was that they had to somehow pertain to local music. We’ll be wrapping up our series this week with our editors’ picks, so stay tuned!

Mike Orr’s favourite guitars of 2010

1. John Brookhouse (Dirty Truckers, Clock Strikes Ten, Jimmy Z and the Dry Humps)
Dean Z ’79 reissue. Hideously magnificent.

2. Aaron Spade (The Incredible Casuals, The Spampinato Brothers)
Fender Telecaster – Looks like it received a root canal sans anesthesia.

3. Scott Ricciuti (Preacher Roe, Huck, A Pony for My Birthday)
1995 Duck-taped Rickenbacker 360. Sounds like jewelry.

4. Chuck Melchin (Bean Pickers Union)
’87 cherry red Gibson 335 – Pure sexy. The man and the guitar.

5. Pete Weiss (Weisstronauts)
Fender Telecaster – Symmetric bullet holes and a plaid pick guard resembling Paul Westerberg’s pants.

Mike Orr plays a 1996 sonic blue Telecaster in Preacher Roe.
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  1. Hah, nice list.

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