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Show Crush: Ian Adams / M.G. Lederman / The Divorced @ O’Brien’s tomorrow night

January 5, 2011

After the bar blasting days of his former band Rock City Crimewave, Ian Adams layed low and started a family, but he’s back and he has reinvented himself as a basement crooner cranking out out lovelorn serenades that are spooky and heartbreaking. Adams slicks back the locks and takes us to those swooning places that caress and ignite desires we only share with ourselves alone, after hours.

I met Ian Adams in the 10th grade where he proceeded to turn me on to everything cool that I had no idea about. He was The Fonz to my Richie Cunnigham. Ian was the kid that was into Iggy and Lou Reed. He knew them as mystic god-fathers and crazy uncles rather than just some dudes on album covers. He was intimate with them. He too was “born into it.” Yes – he was that cool, even then, draped in a leather jacket, proclaiming he was an Egg of Evolution (his first band.)

Thursday Adams is taking to O’Brien’s stage alongside old friend M.G. Lederman. Lederman and Adams shared debaucheries atop Mission Hill in their Mass Art days, drinking, smoking and cutting 7″s. Now the two are together again, older, wiser and churning out stripped down, intimate stories.

Rounding out the bill is the calm jangle indie sound of The Divorced, featuring BBC BFF John Ryan Gallagher, he of Fan Letters fame.

Ian Adams
M.G. Lederman
The Divorced
Thursday, Jan. 6 / 9PM / O’Brien’s / 21+ / $7 08 I’ll Be Fine “what ifs and bad memories” by mglederman

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