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Show Crush: Fuxa Natra / Pet Police / Mitten / Wounded Knees at PA’s Lounge tomorrow

January 6, 2011

PA’s Lounge is presenting an awesome lineup tomorrow night, so get out of the cold and get ready to shake your ass in Somerville. Fuxa Natra sound like they’re playing while falling down an elevator shaft, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. They’re all scratchy vocals, pounding drums and weird echoing reverb careening off concrete walls and mixing with the sound of whirring machinery and snapping cables. Featuring members of Ketman, Amoroso and Fedavees, their local rock pedigree is not in doubt.

Pet Police (pictured) is the spandex-coated duo of Bodega Girls’ only actual girl, Carmen O’Connor, and Kaitlin Mitza. One look at the Facebook page for Pet Police proves that they are among the smartest business people in the city. Listed as their General Manager: A unicorn. The keen business sense inherent in all unicorns allows the duo to focus entirely on the crazy sexy rock / hip-hop they do best.

Mitten, another female duo who you may remember from our December sampler, play indie pop that’s simple and intricate at once, playfully dancing between different styles while still remaining weighty enough to elicit a powerful response.

Wounded Knees and their spirit animals will get the show started with some pleasant folk magic.

8:30pm / 21+ / $10
PA’s Lounge

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