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Show Crush: Mellow Bravo / The Brought Low / Sidewalk Driver / Gnarlemagne at the Middle East upstairs tomorrow

January 14, 2011

BBC’s Golden Unicorn winner for “Best Spontaneous Dance Parties,” Mellow Bravo (left), will cap off a great lineup at the Middle East tomorrow night. Harkening back to a rock ‘n’ roll era dominated by booze, drugs and groupies, their shows are marked with a sense of well earned bravado and in-your-face swagger. Playing every show like they’re filming a Live in Rio concert film, they bring arena rock glory with them everywhere they go. Frontman Keith Pierce celebrated his birthday this week so give him a fucking cupcake or something.

Sidewalk Driver is fronted by a powerfully flamboyant singer, but they’re more than just a gimmick because their music is so much stronger than just his stage antics. Tad McKitterick preens and frolics around the stage like a sparkling, coked-out luchador, but it’s ok because he’s backed by some of the best players around. Every member of the band holds their own and demands attention of the audience, even when he’s at his his craziest. Guitarist Jared Egan celebrated his birthday this week too so give him a fucking cupcake or something.

New York power trio The Brought Low and Gnarlemagne from New Hampshire round out the night. It’s going to be pretty cold this weekend if the television weather people are to be believed, but there’s refuge to be had in Central Square. Let’s pack the Middle East upstairs full of as many awesome rock fans as possible and get extra sweaty. Remember – an awkward breakfast is worth a night of debauchery, hands down.

Facebook event page
8pm / 18+ / $9 (advance tickets)

Here’s a little Mellow Bravo treat from last month:

  1. I will be going to this show!!

  2. What do you want, a fucking cupcake?

  3. Um… Jared says he wants *5* cupcakes.

  4. @ Ashley. Yes I do. Bring it to the show, or don't bother coming.

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