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Local Radio Crush: Sunday night playlists

January 17, 2011

Boston Accents with Dave Duncan on WFNX

MYSTERY ROAR – Fantasies, from their self-titled LP. Singer Nathanael Bluhm sometimes DJ’s the “Foxy” party at zuzu.

HANDS AND KNEES – Dancing On Your Tears, from the forthcoming album Wholesome. CD release 1/27 at Great Scott with Doomstar and Needy Visions.

BEARSTRONAUT – Moniker, latest single. Expect a new CD from the band in 2011.

HOORAY FOR EARTH (f/TWIN SHADOW) – A Place We Like, one-off single. Playing 1/20 at Great Scott with The Concretes and You Can Be A Wesley.

THE SHILLS – Electric Proving Ground, new single. Currently working on a new CD.

THE QUEERS – Punk Rock Girls, from the album Don’t Back Down. Playing 1/23 at TT’s with The Fatal Flaw and The Apers.

TAXPAYER – We Have Arrived, from the album Don’t Steal My Night Vision. Playing 1/29 at Brighton Music Hall with Mean Creek, The Dirty Dishes and Girlfriends.

EKSI EKSO – Kills of the Flood Tide, from the forthcoming album Brown Shark, Red Lion. Album due out 2/15.

THE LIGHTS OUT – Can’t Buy A Hero, from the album Primetime. Playing 1/22 at the Middle East downstairs with The Candles, Mistle Thrush and the Kristen Ford Band.

JULIANA HATFIELD – Supermodel, from the album Become What You Are. Doing small tour with Evan Dando, with Lady Lamb The Beekeeper opening.

THIS BLUE HEAVEN – Slow Dance Slow, from the Spinning and Shining EP. New video for this song about to be released.

THE LIGHTS OUT – Interstellar Valentine, from the album Primetime. Thanks to the band for stopping by and hanging out tonight on Boston Accents!

VIVA VIVA – Nothing Getting Any Easier, from the album Viva Viva. Google the band’s name – get Coldplay lyrics!

HERRA TERRA – You Were The Accelerator, from the album Quiet Geist. Album also features their debut single “Ejection Seats.”

JOCIE ADAMS – Mother’s Word, from the forthcoming album Bed of Notions. Just appeared on David Letterman with The Low Anthem.

PERNICE BROTHERS – Snow, from the album Discover a Lovelier You. In Dave Duncan’s “top 5 songs for a snowy day” list.

MOUNT PERU – So Sue Me, Lucinda, from the album My Sweetheart The Destroyer. Next show 2/18 at the Middle East with Ad Frank & The Fast Easy Women, Butterknife and The Fatal Flaw.

– Having it All, from the album Primetime. According to the band, a song about realizing you had it and later lost it.

HALLELUJAH THE HILLS – Introductory Saints, non-album single. Playing 1/18 at TT the Bear’s with Nowhere Lights and The Capstan Shafts.

ST HELENA – Legionnaire, from the album Modern Tan. Next show 2/19 at the Middle East.

AMERICAN HI-FI – Flavor of the Weak, from the self-titled album. Playing 1/21 at TT’s with Auto Interiors, the Daily Pravda and Kenny Chambers.

ANDRE OBIN – The Arsonist, from the Front Runner EP. Next show is with Endless Wave 2/4 at the Rosebud.

PASSION PIT – All These Trees, one-off release. Band currently working on new album.

– Elegant Elephant, from the album One Happy Island. Playing 1/29 at Lizard Lounge with This Blue Heaven, Oranjuly and Aloud

Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood on WZLX

The Elevator Drops – Sentimental Love from People Mover, 1997.

BAD RABBITS – Sextape (Defones cover), from their Live Cover Series, see video and download at, 2011. Playing 1/28 & 29 at Wadzilla Mansion in Allston and 2/12 at the Middle East upstairs with Ninjasonik, Moe Pope and Jasmine Solano.

– Say You Care from Hemophiliac EP, 2011. EP release 1/29 at Brighton Music Hall (formerly Harper’s Ferry) with Taxpayer, Girlfriends and The Dirty Dishes.

GUSTER (with Daryl Hall) – Satellite from Live from Daryl’s House, 2011. Originally on 2006 Ganging Up On The Sun.

ZIP-TIE HANDCUFFS – For Your Love (Yardbirds cover) from Heavy Love Child, 2010. Residency every Tuesday in January at O’Brien’s, this week with The Mercy Case, The Snipes and The Allston Pants.

TRiPLE THiCK – Mailbox from TRiPLE THiCK, 2010. Playing 1/18 at Starlab, 32 Prospect St, Union Square Somerville with Sainte Catherines, One Win Choice, Jeff Rowe and Dan Webb and the Spiders.

HALLELUJAH THE HILLS – Blank Passports from Colonial Drones, 2009. Playing 1/ 18 at TT the Bear’s with The Capstan Shafts and Nowhere Lights.

HELLO DRAGON – 107 from Information, 2010. Part of the the East went West contingent.

MISTLE THRUSH live in studio – Overpass, playing 1/22 at the Middle East downstairs as part of Soozapalooza 2 with The Candles, The Lights Out and Kristen Ford Band.

MISTLE THRUSH – Small from Drunk With You, 2002.

MISTLE THRUSH – Flowereyed from Silt, 1995.

Top 5 Fave New Local Song Poll
#5 WATTS – Chaperone (A solid 11 weeks on the poll, now retired to the Hall of Fame)

#4 THE TOWNIES – Rescue Dog

#3 CLARIAS – 2197

#2 ASHPARK – The Riddle, playing 1/29 TT the Bear’s for Louder Now Boston’s New Music Series with Hello Ninja and MG Lederman.

#1 THE CINNAMON FUZZ – Reboot My Heart, playing 1/28 at TT the Bear’s for the RSL’s 4th anniversary with RIBS, Bridges and Powerlines (NY) and Fan Tan (NY).

THE OKAY WIN – It’s A Dynamic from Two Toned, 2010.

DEAR HAVANAH – Loser (Beck cover), 2010. Playing UMass Lowell 2/3.

THE GILDED SPLINTERS – Cut and Run from The Gilded Splinters, 2010.
Playing Mondays at Toad in Porter Square with The White Owls.

ENDLESS WAVE – Land of the Sea from upcoming Notes from the Compound, 2011.
Playing 2/4 at Precinct with The Crushing Low, Milling Gowns and Lowfives.

MOTHERBOAR – II. Amphibious from The Beast Becomes The Servant, 2011.
CD release 1/22 at Great Scott with Razors in the Night, Acaro and Livver.

JOHN POWHIDA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT – Surrender to the Disco Knightz, playing MONDO Thursdays 1/20 at Plough & Stars with Marc Pinansky and Jake Hill.

Bay State Rock with Carmelita on WAAF

– Simple Plan, performing 1/20 at Great Scott with You Can Be A Wesley.

THE DIRTY TRUCKERS – Help You Ann, performing 1/22 at The Rosebud Bar in Davis Sq. with BrownBoot and AM Stereo.

SCARCE – All Sideways, Chick Graning of Scarce performing 1/18 at The Plough & Stars for ‘Folkfest’ featuring Frank Morey and Dan Baker.

– Le Colonell, performing 1/20 at The Middle East downstairs with Build A Machine, Sunshine Riot and Fairhaven.

BUILD A MACHINE – Drift, performing 1/20 at The Middle East downstairs in with Tab The Band, Sunshine Riot and Fairhaven.

– Tranny, performing 1/19 at Church with Mongrel, Faces In The Floor, and Northern Trend.

– Hardened Hearts, CD release party 1/20 at The Plough & Stars with Jake Hill and John Powhida.

BERLIN AIRLIFT – It’s You I Love, Rick Berlin performs 1/19 at The Plough & Stars in Cambridge.

THE LIGHTS OUT – Can’t Buy A Hero, performing 1/21 at The Middle East downstairs for Soozapalooza with The Candles, Mistle Thrush (reunion show) and the Kristen Ford Band.

THE LOW ANTHEM – Charlie Darwin, Jocie Adams of The Low Anthem performs 1/20 at The Lizard Lounge with The Barr Brothers.

THE MOVING TARGETS – Always Calling, Kenny Chambers of The Moving Targets is performing at TT The Bear’s Place 1/21 with American Hi-Fi, Auto Interiors and The Daily Pravda.

COO & HOWL – Big Blue Heron, perform 1/21 at Precinct with The Radio Says and Top Heavy.

GIRLS GUNS & GLORY – Big Man, performing 1/21 at The Beachcomber in Quincy with the Autumn Hollow Band.

ASA BREBNER – Prophesy, performing 1/22 at Precinct with Twangerfied, The Brooklyns and Jeff Bird & The Dirty Finch.

– Borderline, performing 1/21 at PA’s Lounge with Shakyfoot, The Hammond Group and The Full Time Dreamers.

– Bust It Out High, performing 1/21 at PA’s Lounge with Full Body Anchor, The Hammond Group and The Full Time Dreamers.

TOPHEAVY – Bangin’ Camaro, performing 1/21 at Precinct with The Radio Says and Coo & Howl.

DEL FUEGOS – I Always Call Her Back, Carm’s classic pick.

DAVID HULL – Pay Some Attention, performing live on WAAF Bay State Rock 1/23.

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