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Show Crush: The Russians / The Painted Lights / Sodafrog this Saturday night at Precinct

January 28, 2011

If Boston has a Camelot family here in the aught-teens or whatever, it’s probably the Janovitzes.  This town is just crawling with ’em.  Fortunately for us, they’re all exceptional musicians, and even more fortunately, you can go indulge in the musicks of not one but two of them tomorrow night at Precinct in Union Square.

The night kicks off with youngling Tom’s joint Sodafrog, recent BMA-nominees for Folk Artist of the Year.  I’ll sum Tom/Sodafrog up like this: every time I see him/them play I realize what a godforsaken hack I am.  These Janovitz kids are geniuses with their guitars and songwriting craft, and here I just keep playing “Hey Jealousy.”

Providing the entertainment in the middle of your Janovitz sandwich will be The Painted Lights, an indie-alt-rock outfit whose “Where and When I End” is currently streaming here in my subterranean dungeon.  The music is 80’s U2-esque but blessedly stripped of the Bono, instead layering a lo-fi, almost Pavement or Replacements-y vocal atop.  (Also, the drummer of TPL is my boy Ross Lohr, formerly of Aloud, and he’s just a monster.)

Headlining the night is The Russians, featuring The Janovitz Known as Scott, who will, according to the Facebook event, be playing the songs of The Russians.  That’s a good thing.  Did you hear their 2010 record Crashing the Party?  It’s worn ruts in my iPod.  Sometimes I put “Lovesickholiday” on repeat and feel sad, but in a nice way.  Oh, and speaking of BMAs, Scotty here won one for Singer Songwriter of the Year.  So, you know, cred from The Industry.

I think you get bonus points for wearing your Christopher Hewitt costume at this one.  Dropkick your jacket as you come through the door.  No one will glare.

Precinct | Sat 1.29.2011 | Facebook event

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