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Local Radio Crush: Sunday night playlists

February 2, 2011

Boston Accents with Dave Duncan on WFNX

STREIGHT ANGULAR – Everyone Is Syncopated, new song. Playing 2/3 at Great Scott with The Year Million and The Vital Might.

SINNET – Castlevania, digital single. Next show 3/30 at PA’s with Mount Peru.

PASSION PIT – All These Trees, new song. Originally released in December as part of advertising campaign.

THIS BLUE HEAVEN – Slow Dance Slow, from the Spinning and Shining EP. Playing 2/4 at Gemstones in Lowell with The Luxury, Air Traffic Controller and Audrey Can’t Die.

HUMAN SEXUAL RESPONSE – Jackie Onassis, from the album Fig 14. Band broke up in 1982 and played several one-off reunions through the 1980’s.

PETER BUZZELLE – Summer Home, from the album To Telescope. Album produced by Chris Zerby (ex-Helicopter Helicopter).

RIBS – Cosmos, from the Locrian Singles EP. Hear more Ribs music on The Nightly News with Paul Driscoll M-Th 11p-midnight.

NAKED ON ROLLERSKATES – Broken Rainbows, from their forthcoming album. CD Release 2/12 at Great Scott with Mellow Bravo, The Lights Out and Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.

YOU CAN BE A WESLEY – Talking Science, new single. When Boston Accents promises quirky band names, we deliver!

FACES ON FILM – Harlem Roses, from the album Some Weather. Video for this song now on youtube.

JOCIE ADAMS – Mother’s Word, from the album Bed of Notions. Playing with The Low Anthem 3/4 at Old South Church.

MICHAEL J EPSTEIN MEMORIAL LIBRARY – Holy Ghost, from the forthcoming debut album. CD release 2/26 at Middle East downstairs.

BUFFALO TOM – I’m Allowed, from the album Big Red Letter Day. New album Skins due out 2/15.

ALOUD – Counterfeit Star, from the album Exile. This is the band’s third full length – they also have an EP.

– Crank The Stereo, from their new single. Playing 2/4 at TT’s with Organ Beats and Zombie Radio.

JOHN POWHIDA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT – Daddy’s The Man, from the 7″ single. Playing 2/4 at Church with The Future Everybody.

AD BOC – Guru Like You, from the album Pop Supraliminal. Former singer of Jumprope & Miranda Warning.

THICK SHAKES – Go Back To New York, from the Buy The Cow EP. Release party 2/5 at Church with Lyres, MMoss and Major Stars.

THE NEIGHBORHOODS – No Place Like Home, originally from 7″ single. One of the best known songs from legendary Boston rock band.

BRENDAN BOOGIE & SARAH RABDAU – First Saturday, from Songs From The Armory Vol 1. Release party for Volume 2 on Sat 2/12 at Rosebud.

CHRISTIAN MCNEILL – Go Out And Get Em Boy, from the Gone EP. Playing 2/3 at Lizard Lounge with Will Dailey & The Rivals.

THE GROWNUP NOISE – Anthem For Second Place, from the forthcoming full length. CD release 3/26 at ME down w/Kingsley Flood and Spouse.

THE LONGWALLS – Sargasso in Space, from the album Careers in Science. CD release party date forthcoming.

DAMN PERSONALS – Standing Still in the USA, from the album Standing Still. Boston Accents would like to officially request a Damn Personals reunion show.

MEAN CREEK – No One Has To Know, from the Hemophiliac EP. Band recently headlined very successful EP release at Brighton Music Hall.

– Primetime, from the album Primetime. Next local show 2/12 at Great Scott.

FULL BODY ANCHOR – Drown Control
digital single. Download free at bandcamp site.

MONGREL – West Memphis Hell, from the EP The New Breed of Old School. Re-recording of song from a previous EP, featuring new singer.

Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood on WZLX

THE DEL FUEGOS – Don’t Run Wild from Boston, Mass, 1985. Reunion show 6/23 at the Paradise to benefit Right Turn of Arlington (clink here for story and ticket info).

THE DEL FUEGOS – Coupe De Ville from Boston, Mass, 1985

THE DEL FUEGOS – I Still Want You from Boston, Mass, 1985

TIL TUESDAY – Love In A Vacuum from Voices Carry, 1985 – 1983 Rumble champs, the same year The Del Fuegos played.

– Civil Engineering from Volume One, 2011. CD release 2/26 at the Middle East down with Endway, McAlister Drive and Ryan Schmidt.

THE LONGWALLS – Careers In Science from Careers In Science, available 3/1, CD release show 4/8 at Precinct.

STEREO TELESCOPE – Lighthouse from bandcamp, 2010.

BAD RABBITS – Sextape (Deftones cover) from BR’s Live Cover Series, 2011. Playing 2/12 at the Middle East upstairs.

BAD RABBITS – Advantage Me from Stick Up Kids, 2010

BAD RABBITS – Girl I’m Like Damn with Travie McCoy from Stick Up Kids, 2010

BAD RABBITS – Neverland from Stick Up Kids, 2010

Top 5 Fave Local Song Poll
#5 CLARIAS – 2197
#4 STREIGHT ANGULAR – Everyone Is Syncopated
#3 THE TOWNIES – Rescue Dog
#2 THE CINNAMON FUZZ – Reboot My Heart
#1 ASHPARK – The Riddle

RIBS – Please Don’t Go from Locrian Singles, 2011

BATTLE HOUSE – Here Comes A Candle To Light You To Bed from bandcamp, 2011 pre-release.

OLD JACK – Chorus Line from Gone Before You Know, 2011 prerelease.

TO THE WEDDING – Let Love In from To the Wedding, 2010. Playing 2/5 at the Middle East upstairs with Sherman Burns and 92 Protons.

THE YEAR MILLION – Losing Air from The Year Million, 2010. Playing 2/3 at Great Scott with The Vital Might and Streight Angular.

Bay State Rock with Carmelita on WAAF

AXEMUNKEE – Whacked Out Love Story

ALCHEMILLA – Diminish, performing 2/4 at Oliver’s Cask N’ Flagon.

– Fly In Form, performing 2/3 at Great Scott with StreightAngular and The Year Million.

THE ORGAN BEATS – The Movie, performing 2/4 at TT The Bear’s Place with The Appreciation Post, Zombie Radio and Mr. Fryner & The Tech Ed Room.

THE APPRECIATION POST – Crank The Stereo, performing 2/4 at TT The Bear’s Place with Zombie Radio, Mr. Fryner & The Tech Ed Room and The Organ Beats.

RIBS – Cosmos, from the Ryan’s Smashing Life sampler.

JOHN POWHIDA – Dirty Birdy and Funny Bunny, performing 2/4 at Church with Slant of Light, The Future Everybody and Fireking.

ZOMBIE RADIO – City of One, performing 2/4 at TT The Bear’s Place with The Appreciation Post, The Organ Beats and Mr. Fryner & The Tech Ed Room.

– You Freak My Dog Out, performing 2/3 at The Rosebud.

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER – The One, performing 2/4 at Gemstones in Lowell, MA with The Luxury, This Blue Heaven and Audrey Can’t Die.

– Mississippi, performing 2/4 at The Lizard Lounge with Chad Perrone and Patrick Thomas.

– Blinded, performing 2/4 at The Lizard Lounge with Tim Blane and Patrick Thomas.

– All The Same Mistakes, performing 2/4 at Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River.

BITCH TRIFECTA – Mexico, performing 2/2 at Club Passim with Ginger Ibex and John Shade.

WILL DAILEY – Allston, performing at The Lizard Lounge 2/3 with Christian McNeill and Tin Can Tele.

– The Brain Scrambler

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