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Show Crush: Awesome ’90s Party with The Appreciation Post / Organ Beats / Zombie Radio / Mr Fyner & The Tech Ed Room tomorrow at TT’s

February 3, 2011

So, okay, this is weird: I’m here blogging up a retro nostalgia show, featuring Boston bands playing covers from another decade, encouraging costumes and the whole deal – heck, even the Organ Beats are playing – but no, I’m not referring to my own Mixtape series.  Hmmm.  But hey, no sour apples on my end, no sir.  I love nostalgia shows.  There’s room for all of us in this town!

(I should point out that this does not appear to be an “all covers” night. Bands will be playing their own stuff and sprinkling in the occasional classic ’90s tune.)

Anyhoo, the show is tomorrow night at TT’s, featuring the pop stylings of my boys in The Appreciation Post, along with Mixtape: 1984 alums the Organ Beats, as well as Zombie Radio and Mr Fyner & The Tech Ed Room.  My favorite twist is that they’ll be providing a photobooth set up with that ridiculous lazer-beam school-picture background that was all the rage back then.  Well-played, friends.

TAP, obviously big fans of giving away free music, not only have two new songs available for free download on Purevolume, but are also giving away 100 limited-edition CDs of these new songs at the show.  BAM.

TT the Bear’s | 2.4.11 | 8:30pm | $10 | 18+ | Facebook event

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