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Show Crush: Mount Peru / Audrey Ryan / Mr. Sister / Coyote Kolb at The Loft in Somerville tomorrow

February 4, 2011
photo by Wendy Tam

Based on a lifetime of watching sci-fi movies, I’ve come to the conclusion that there will be only two types of music in the post-apocalyptic future. One is a very aggressive, industrial, mosh-heavy punk that the bad guys really like to listen to while rampaging through towns stealing gas or water or whatever is key to the story. The other is an homage to times gone by that keeps some modern elements, almost as if the players don’t quite know their history and have pieced together their influences from what they can find in bombed-out cities. The spaced-out cowboys (and girl) in Mount Peru are the second type, and they’ll be stripping down for an intimate acoustic set tomorrow night in Somerville. Starting out with old time Americana ballads and quickly adding in tripped out psychedelic exploration, they play a beautiful soundtrack for our dystopian future. Joining them will be our hostess, indie singer/songwriter Audrey Ryan, who likes to experiment just as much as they do by tossing bluegrass, jazz and folk rock into her mix and who provides the loft space in which this and countless other shows go down; haunting folk songstress Amelia Emmet aka Mr. Sister, who’s currently doing a crazy good cover series for the month of February that we’re sure you’ll hear more about in the pre-apocalyptic future; and filthy blues / roots outlaws Coyote Kolb.

You may be logically asking yourself “Where is this loft place in Somerville?” That’s a totally reasonable question, no need to feel awkward or out of the loop. From the event page: “The Loft is located on Somerville Ave. in Somerville, MA behind the Milk Street Cemetery and next to Market Basket on the way to Union Square. It’s the first red brick building next to Market Basket, around the corner from Little India.” In other words, enter the Market Basket parking lot and go around the corner into the little alley to the right.

Facebook event page
8pm / 21+ / $5

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