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Show Crush: The Loom / The Points North / The Craters / The Wailing Wall at TT The Bears tonight

February 24, 2011

When I turned three I got my first baseball glove. It was from Cooper Sports and I thought it was great (well … it was)! I did the whole put it under the bed thing and when spring time came I was good to go! The point is, getting new things is exciting and fun. Well, hold onto your hats, because The Points North have a new tune for your auditory pleasure! “The Liberator” sounds like it’s been marinating in about 75 years worth of Guinness and has been sung enough times at the local pub in Donegal to stain the walls like cigarette smoke. Tonight they celebrate their 3rd year of filling our ears with gorgeous melodies along with The Loom, The Craters and The Wailing Wall at TT the Bear’s.

The Loom is a New Yawk 6 piece with some roots in Boston. They delve into Nick-Drake-like lyrics while tossing aside his stripped-bare approach with heavy, african-style drum beats and searing guitars. The Craters mix things up with an eclectic blend of fucked-up guitars, spaced out riffs and floating lyrics. The Wailing Wall’s deft, sunny and intriguing melding of genres is both surprising and refreshing especially during these dark and cold New England winters. So how ’bout you show up at TT’s around 8, buy a few beers (maybe even a few for the bands), tip your bartenders well and enjoy a great night of music.

Facebook Event
8pm / 21+ / $7

Here’s that shiny new track I was talking about up there:

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