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Show Crush: The Weekly Dig and Converse present Boston to Austin SXSW preview at the Brighton Music Hall Sunday

February 25, 2011

So you’re looking at your facebooks and your bandcamps and you keep seeing all these awesome Boston bands that you like announcing shows at South By Southwest next month, but then you realize that you can’t go all the way to Texas because of a situation with your wallet / boss / 37 cats / whatever. Have no fear! The Weekly Dig and Converse have got you covered! They’re presenting Boston to Austin SXSW preview at the shiny new Brighton Music Hall on Sunday night, where you’ll get to see the awesome acts they’ll be showcasing March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day. Well done, Dig. Well done. The best part? You can get in for free. Just swing by the Converse store at 348 Newbury St. and ask them for a ticket, it’s that easy! Even if you can’t get over there or if they run out, it’s only gonna be a measly $5, and with this lineup it’s a no-brainer. Plus, we know that Converse and the Dig will do it up right – there’ll definitely be a photo booth for you to put your sexy face in front of, and according to Hilary Hughes’ Twitter “$1gajillion in Converse giftcards showed up” at the Dig offices to be given away.

Here’s the crazy good lineup for this shindig:
Static of the Gods
Endless Wave
Dirty Dishes
Mean Creek
Viva Viva
Mystery Roar
and MORE that we can’t list. You’re smart though, you’ll figure it out.

Facebook event page
6pm / 18+ / $5

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