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Rumble Crush: McAlister Drive

March 28, 2011

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble begins on Sunday, April 3. Check back for our daily interviews with participating Rumble bands leading up to the event. Full schedule here.

photo by Sara Skolnick

BBC: Introduce the members of your band.
Christoph Edward Rudolf Krey (lead vocals, guitar, piano); Stevo Mann (lead guitar, vocals); Jovol “Bam Bam” Bell (drums); Kathryn Schulmeister (bass); Glenn Korzin (bass); Allegra Levy (vocals).

BBC: What does it mean to you to participate in the 32nd Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble?
MD: We are seasoned Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble followers and would never explain this opportunity as a “battle of the bands,” but more of a showcase of Boston rock that highlights what this city was built on for years and years! Considering we are all younger than 32, I guess you can say that the Rumble is somewhat of an heirloom that the Boston Rock Culture passes down from generation to generation. It’s history, and should be documented in the text books at Berklee and NEC. Please send a memo to the right person about this!

BBC: Do you believe in the Rumble curse?
MD: Judging is a way of life. People get judged all the time. To be cursed is something you bring upon yourself, but if Rock is the devil’s music, maybe being cursed is genius. Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul aren’t on this panel… are they?

BBC: Got any tricks up your sleeve for your set, or will it be business as usual?
MD: Tricks? What like opening a beer bottle on your amp and playing your guitar with it? Or dressing like characters from a Dr. Seuss book and keeping a straight face for the whole night? Hell no! There are no tricks with McAlister Drive, we just try to be as boring as possible… and hope that it is unique.

BBC: How far do you think you’ll go in the competition?
MD: We know the competition is steep, but we all truly believe we have a good shot at the heavyweight title for this one! It’s pretty clear, that if you don’t have confidence in Boston, you’ll get run over by a jaded train from the ’80s.

BBC: What’s your bet on who will take the crown?
MD: I think Aerosmith will take the crown this year… I mean with Steven Tyler’s involvement on American Idol, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble could really beef up his current career. (This is how you get cursed.)
No, but on a serious note, I think the two bands that will be very tough to beat are Jenny Dee and the Deeliquents and Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling. Why? Well pretty much anything Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola touch turns to some sort of valuable rare space substance from Pluto and Jenny Dee and her Deeliquents just have that throw-back sound that is so hot right now! Plus MD is friends with both and we know they don’t F around.

BBC: What other competing band are you most excited to see?
MD: Stereo Telescope and Sidewalk Driver. Both bands have been heavily talked about to us, in regards to their incredible live shows.

BBC: What band would you have picked to compete this year that isn’t?
MD: Mean Creek! Honestly, we can’t go a week without hearing more about this band. They just released a killer new disc and have been a buzz band for what seems like a long healthy relationship with Boston. Also, The Wandas. I’m not sure if I have to even defend this statement, but I will say this: when The Wandas make it big, MD will be the group screaming to get backstage and party with them!

BBC: Who’s your favorite past winner?
MD: The Dresden Dolls is by far my favorite winner. We got the chance to meet Amanda Palmer at the Boston Music Awards this year and realized that my beard probably could have made a cameo in her solo music video for “Map of Tasmania.”

BBC: Got any smack-talk for your competition?
MD: We talk with our instruments!



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