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Rumble Crush: Mellow Bravo

March 28, 2011

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble begins on Sunday, April 3. Check back for our daily interviews with participating Rumble bands leading up to the event. Full schedule here.

BBC: Introduce the members of your band.
Andrew Doherty (vocals/guitar); Dave Jarvis (drums); the lovely Jess Collins (vocals/keys); Seager Tennis (vocals/bass); Jeffery Fultz (lead guitar); Keith Pierce (lead vocals/guitar).

BBC: What does it mean to you to participate in the 32nd Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble?
Keith Pierce: It means I will only be half awake at the library through the entire month of April! Service will suffer my friends, but Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library and his ladies said they would fill in for me. All kidding aside, it is great to be noticed along with all the other great acts past/present that have come from this city.

BBC: Do you believe in the Rumble curse?
KP: Not in the least, mon frere. Look at that huge list of past winners. Maybe my idea of success in music is different from other people’s, but most of those bands did really well for themselves. Bravo will do our best, curse be damned. Am I right, 2004 Sox??

BBC: Got any tricks up your sleeve for your set, or will it be business as usual?
KP: If you think recklessly pounding screwdrivers while screaming swears into a microphone is business as usual, then I will classify as business casual.

BBC: How far do you think you’ll go in the competition?
KP: Who knows what people like these days? We are just going to show up and do our best.

BBC: What’s your bet on who will take the crown?
KP: I am bringing my own. I replaced Budweiser as the king of beers in the US when they sold to Belgium-based mega-brewer InBev. So I am kinda set on the crown front.

BBC: What other competing band are you most excited to see?
KP: Anytime you see Powhida, you see a great show. Guy is a pro.

BBC: What band would you have picked to compete this year that isn’t?
KP: Cask Mouse. I think they have yet to get the tunes out, but you will hear them soon. Also J/Q.

BBC: Who’s your favorite past winner?
KP: I love Bleu, C4RT, and Seager wanted me to make sure I said the Amazing Crowns for him.

BBC: Got any smack-talk for your competition?
KP: Nah, I let Jeff’s guitar solos talk for me.



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  1. You know we're always ready to shelve a book or two in the name of rock.

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