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Rumble Crush: The Autumn Hollow Band

March 31, 2011

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble begins on Sunday, April 3. Check back for our daily interviews with participating Rumble bands leading up to the event. Full schedule here.

BBC: Introduce the members of your band.
Brendan Murphy – vocals, guitar, always late for practice
Todd Sampson – drums, vocals, a big hitter
Scott Marucci – bass, vocals, the glue
Mike Burke – guitar, vocals, tells a lot of stories

BBC: What does it mean to you to participate in the 32nd Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble?
TAHB: It’s awesome to be part of the tradition of the Rumble; it’s such a Boston institution. Also, it’s great for us because we get to play with and check out bands that we don’t usually see. As a band it reinforces that we are going in the right direction and to our families it validates that all that time we spend in the basement during the wee hours of the night is not just an excuse to drink beer and act like morons.

BBC: Do you believe in the Rumble curse?
TAHB: Absolutely, the easiest way to get burned by a curse is to not believe it exists. Can’t fool us.

BBC: Got any tricks up your sleeve for your set, or will it be business as usual?
TAHB: We got some real tricks, we’re gonna try to play all the right notes and sing in key… the whole set!

BBC: How far do you think you’ll go in the competition?
TAHB: Depends one how much we have to drink before we play and how much the judges drink while were playing… drink up judges.

BBC: What’s your bet on who will take the crown?
TAHB: I think it’s wide open – any of the 24 bands could take the crown.

BBC: What other competing band are you most excited to see?
TAHB: I’m excited to see all the bands. The majority of the bands I’ve never seen live and I bet all the bands are going to bring it. It should be a month of great music.

BBC: What band would you have picked to compete this year that isn’t?
TAHB: Even though they didn’t finish their album this year, The Rationales are an amazing band and are great live. I think they have a CD release show in May, everyone should go to that.

BBC: Who’s your favorite past winner?
TAHB: So many great bands. We’ve had the pleasure of playing with Girls, Guns & Glory and The Luxury and they are both great. Also, I love the band name Big Catholic Guilt cause I can really relate.

BBC: Got any smack-talk for your competition?
TAHB: I know it’s a competition but I don’t feel like we are competing against other bands. I’m just excited to see all the bands, meet some new people, and have a good time. Take that for some smack-talk.



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