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Contest Crush: Win a Rumble pass for all 9 nights! $75 value!

April 1, 2011

UPDATED: And the winner is (starring Duncan Wilder Johnson)…

BLAMMO! SHAZAAM! BOO YA! ETC! Courtesy of her loveliness Anngelle Wood, we have one full-boat Rumble pass to give away to a very lucky winner. This pass will grant you admission to every single Rumble show, from prelims to finals. You’ll be there to witness every triumph, every defeat, every tear shed and every drunken hookup. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll inevitably be plagued by whatever Rumble infection is spreading this time around.

To enter, here’s what you gotta do: Send us an email with the subject I’M READY TO RUMBLE! by Friday morning. We will pick a winner no later than 10am on Friday. We will email that winner at the address they email us from. We will not wait around; if you are our winner and we don’t hear back from you by 2pm, we will move on to another winner. So keep a good eye on that inbox! We’ll announce on our Facebook once the prize has been claimed.

Read our Rumble band interviews and download our Rumble sampler!

One Comment
  1. Thanks for the all access pass! I never win anything….Monique

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