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Rumble Crush: Rumble host Anngelle Wood

April 1, 2011

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble begins this Sunday, April 3 at TT’s and we can’t wait to see your pretty faces there. Full schedule here.

BBC: What does it mean to you to bring back the Rumble after a year off?
Anngelle Wood: I never planned to take a year off, it was just how things happened. A few great bands came and went in that time. It was good to see the added excitement with its return. Planning and organizing is a lot of work for sure. I take great pride in this and do get emotional about it. Most of the city is grateful. Then there are those other people.
Given the changes that took place with Boston Emissions, with it going from WBCN to WZLX in 2009, I was feeling good that my show survived on the FM. There was a little re-branding that had to happen. I knew the Rumble would be a whole other journey. My bosses at CBS Radio were very supportive and helped make it happen. (Like WBCN and Boston Emissions, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble is property of CBS Radio. There are some rules to follow.)

BBC: Last time around, WBCN was still located on the dial at 104.1 and you had their help, support and years of experience to back you up. How did their demise change the production of this year’s Rumble, and how has the re-formatted WBCN been involved this time around?
AW: I always hear people waxing nostolgic with the, “remebah when Gang Green played tha Orpheum?” days. No, I was, like, 10, but it is what legends are made of. WBCN lives on at with two channels to choose from – Free Form Rock and The Rock of Boston – which encompass two different periods. It often gets referred to as Charles-era (Laquidara) WBCN and Howard-era (Stern) WBCN. I get to be part of both. BE airs there on Mondays and Thursdays with support from all involved. I’m working on adding more new local music on WBCN as well. The Rumble returning is definitely part of its whole re-birth. One day we will all listen to the internet in our cars so links and dial positions will be one and the same. I would, however, like to stay on 100.7 for many years to come. WZLX and its listeners have been very good to me. They are a wonderfully loyal bunch. Many classic rock fans listen the the show just because.
To answer the lack of corporate radio sales force question, it’s a lot of work. Thankfully, Randi Millman (TT the Bear’s talent buyer of 16+ years) was there to lend a hand. We’ve been pulling a lot of overtime. We have had to rely on the good people who believe in the cause. Sponsors and donors were there. Those who don’t support either didn’t step up or backed out. And I have good friends who jumped in when I was really in need. It’s a testament to friendship and a real sense of community .

BBC: We all know there’s no formula or secret handshake to get invited to participate in the Rumble, but for bands who aspire to participate in the future, what might you look for or suggest?
AW: The secret handshake. What a great band name! My criteria is pretty basic – to be considered, be good, sound good, be actively playing out in the Boston-area (I joke about this a lot but twice a year at the beach is not active), reach out to Boston Emissions, send music, have a decent recording, have a web presence, keep in touch, be out and about. Some bands are just really good at it – coming out, being friendly, supporting one another.

BBC: There will always be the grumblers who criticize the selection of bands and other decisions you make. What do you have to say to them?
AW: You are no one until someone thinks they can do your job better. Not everyone invited to take part says yes, not everyone who is awesome is invited. This is Boston, a city spilling over with great bands. I have 24 amazingly talented ones who did said yes, who believe in it enough to take part and who know I love it and why I do it. That’s enough for me. To the grumblers I say, “It’s a lot of work and you couldn’t take it so stay in your mom’s basement, I mean, you are entitled to your opinion.”

BBC: Any big surprises, upsets, or actual rumbles you anticipate among this year’s bands?
AW: The Luxury will ride in on a bison in an effort to upstage everyone.

BBC: What’s your best advice for the bands as they prepare for the preliminaries?
AW: Easy on the cheese. Practice.

Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood airs Sunday nights from 10-midnight on WZLX 100.7FM, and is re-broadcast Mondays at 7pm on WBCN: The Rock of Boston (98.5-HD2/ and Thursday nights at 8pm on WBCN: Free Form Rock (100.7-HD3/


Click here to see all of our 2011 Rumble coverage including interviews with all the participating bands. And go download our Rumble sampler while you get ready to… er, you know.

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  1. The cheese! I knew there was a secret to unlocking the Rumble treasure!

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