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Show Crush: The Acre / Kingsley Flood / Pearl and the Beard / The Bandit Kings / Ugly Purple Sweater at TT’s tonight

April 29, 2011

Some songs draw you into a world with walls as firm as the front and back covers of a storybook.  Some songs wrap you up in a soft wind and whisk you into the uncharted reaches of your own imagination.  Some songs seem to come up through your feet like a lightning strike in reverse and set your skeleton to jangling.  Some songs draw a forgotten fury out from your core till passion simmers on your skin and the room around you spins and pops.  And some songs search you through with painstaking care until they find the invisible X on the spot in your heart where your most fragile treasure lives and then gently lift it out just to bask in its unfiltered light.

This show tonight will have all those songs.

This show at TT’s tonight will be a celebration of the new full-length release by The Acre.  I know this isn’t an album crush or band crush, but I have to tell you, Boston – because we’re friends, you and I – Cerca Trova floored me.  Some vocalists will convince you they mean what they sing by roaring till their veins streak their necks.  But Nick Murphy’s voice, entwined with the sweet timbre of Courtney Cavanaugh’s and threaded through interwoven layers of americana, indie, and gaze, bares the lyrics’ truth with a vulnerability that even the most honest of sixties folk icons struggles to recapture in today’s musical landscape.  It’s so beautiful.

Featuring recent C.D. on Songs crushees The Bandit Kings, this show will also be the second stop on the Green Getaways Tour that local stars Kingsley Flood are making in caravan with Pearl and the Beard and Ugly Purple Sweater.  The tour is being sponsored by, who will donate funds to and Green Mountain Energy based on the miles traveled and gas burned on the tour.  Love.

Everything you need to know to get yourself to this show tonight:

doors at 8 / $10 / 18+ / Facebook event / advanced tix

<p><a href=””>Number One by the Acre</a></p>

<p><a href=””>A Little Too Old by Kingsley Flood</a></p>

<p><a href=””>2/3 Creatures by Ugly Purple Sweater</a></p>

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