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Show Crush: Gymnasium / Butterknife at the Rosebud tonight

May 5, 2011

The Rosebud is at it again tonight, bringing a set of pop-rock wonders to their Somerville stage. This show will mark the debut of new local supergroup Gymnasium, featuring members of BrownBoot, Rock Bottom and the Andrea Gillis Band. It will certainly lead to questions like “How many bands can Jim Zavadoski be involved with?” and “Is he the glue that binds this community together?” Since this is their first show, and first shows can be pure magic, we suggest checking it out so that you won’t be lying when you tell your friends you were there.

Butterknife will be on hand to help them out with some of the best power pop in town. These guys do it up proper, crafting well-structured melodies that fill the room with delight. We’d wager that there aren’t many bands that have as much fun playing live as these gentlemen and that joy is infectious. The word on the street (read: Facebook) is that there may be some surprise guests showing up too, so get yourself to Davis Sq. and don’t worry about work in the morning, Amy at the bar will write you a note.

Facebook event page
9pm / 21+ / $5

We’ll let you know as soon as the guys from Gymnasium create a Bandcamp page; for now get yourself aquainted with Butterknife:
<p><a href=””>onetworeadygo. by Butterknife</a></p>

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  1. Gymnasium is on Bandcamp

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