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Show Crush: The Shods / The Pills / Honest Bob and the Factory to Dealer Incentives / Ad Frank / Davina Yannetty at TT’s tomorrow

May 5, 2011

Would you look at what TT’s did! They put together a night of reunions, re-reunions, smart crooning, nerd rock and ukulele comedy tomorrow night, and they did it just for you. Well, maybe not just you, but you’re certainly invited. In fact, the guests of honor for this one are birthday guy Jonny Pape and birthday girl Shari Eleftherion, so please be sure to wish them a happy happy.

This show is extra awesome for a number of reasons. Among them: The Shods are back! They weren’t originally part of this bill, but after the amazing set they played on the final night of the Rumble they decided that once wasn’t enough. If you were there, you know how electric that night was; if you weren’t, don’t make the same mistake, these guys are pure rock excitement and need to be seen.

The Pills are back too! Power pop magic that just can’t be beat, they sound like what you’d get if the Kinks met Cheap Trick over a pile of cocaine.* This one’ll be special, folks, they’ve got people flying in from Seattle to make it happen. Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives will be there too, not reuniting or anything, just there with a pile of quirky rock songs; so will crooner Ad Frank, in all of his incredibly witty, often self-deprecating glory. Opening up the night with a set of hilarious uke-comedy will be indie songstress Davina Yannetty. Holy heck, that’s quite a party!

Facebook event page
9pm / 18+ / $10 (advance tickets)

*kids, the unicorn says to just say no to drugs and watch these videos instead:

The Shods!

Corin and Dave from The Pills got together last month:

Honest Bob!

Ad Frank! (though he won’t have the Fast Easy Women with him this weekend)

Davina Yannetty!

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