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C.D. On Songs: Andy Santospago – “Text And Drive"

May 6, 2011

I believe it was the famous philosopher Ben Folds who said “We could be happy underground.” We like to give you choices, you see. Say you want to see a show tonight at someplace that is, say, underground, because you feel that you would be happier there. We have you covered. And so does Andy Santospago, because he’ll be working his musical magic at the Lizard Lounge tonight at 7:30 PM. That’s right, an early show. So you can catch Mr. Santospago and still have time to do your other stuff, like watching Brad Marchand destroy some Flyers. Or go to another show. Or have it all, Liz Lemon. You know how the Lizard Lounge works, so you may want to order tickets in advance. Might be smart. Do it.

Andy Santospago – “Text And Drive”
[Download It!]

Some might say you need to be foolish to text and drive, others might simply suggest you need to be sneaky. Andy Santospago’s “Text and Drive” has a furtive little ticky-ticky sound to it, like that quick one-handed message you try to dash off that usually comes out something like “In my wdu roll be jhome soon” because you have an eye on the road and that Statie that just pulled up next to you.

The sneakiness behind “Text and Drive” comes from almost every corner of the song. From the subtle, behind-the-curtain chord changes to Santospago’s breathy, low-key vocal delivery, this song sort of slips in under the door and the radar and just sort of shows up, slowly building itself up to full form once it has passed all your various security measures. “Text and Drive” doesn’t drive into any walls or poles at high speed, it creeps up on you like it senses the light is about to change, even though it’s busy updating its Facebook status or lolling @ u.

This song has that balance of light and heavy, living in the space between the ticks and tocks of the high synth line and the saturated, bottom heavy guitar that lumbers through chord changes. The underlying tension of “Text and Drive” comes through in tiny shocks and bumps, nothing unbearable, but just enough to keep you near the edge-ish of your driver’s seat while you coast towards the intersection which I am sure you are totally on top of, even though you’re all “OMG, Becky’s not even HOT!” Damn it, Becky.
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