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Show Crush: Jesse Dee / Jordan Valentine and the Sunday Saints / B3 Kings / PJ Gray at the Middle East Down TONIGHT

May 6, 2011

I know we all love the various flavors of indie alt pop rock ’round these here parts, and I come not to chastise that, for I am a purveyor and aficionado of it myself.  But if you’re feeling a little weary of the yoozh* and want to mix it up with some R&B, some soul and funk, maybe even some boogie without all the Brendo, you’d be wise to get downstairs at the Middle East tonight.

The legendary Jesse Dee headlines this rhythm and blues extravaganza, wearing influences like Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Etta James, Al Green, and John Legend right on his sleeve.  Local gal and former housemate Jordan Valentine brings her blazin’ huge pipes and her Sunday Saints as direct support.  Kicking off the night are stompin’ soul jazz instrumentalists the B3 Kings, and DJ PJ Gray spinning funk and soul 45s.  Right proper, ya heard.

Friday 5.6.2011 | 8pm | Middle East down | 18+ | $15 | FB Event | Tickets

* My gal and I have been pondering this for weeks now.  We often abbreviate “usual” in conversation to its first syllable – e.g. “What’d you do today?” “The yoozh.” – but we have no idea how to properly convey this in writing.  Halp?

Here’s a bit of Jordan being Jordan:

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