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Show Crush: Mystery Roar / Big Digits / Ramon & Dylan / DJ Set By Nate Saturday Night at Great Scott

May 6, 2011

We were listening to WFNX in the Band Crush offices the other evening (Rich was whispering sweet nothings into the unicorn’s ear) when this sublime song came over the airwaves. Is it from the soundtrack of Revenge of the Nerds? Is it the new Passion Pit song for a remake of the Revenge of the Nerds movie? Are they making a new Revenge of the Nerds movie? Can they? Err … off topic.

Anyway, we’ve come to find out that this amazing new track is Boston’s own Mystery Roar‘s new tune called “Overboard.” While the song can be mistaken for something right out of 1987, the band pulls it off without a hint of irony; they aren’t just re-hashing old blips and blorps and passing it off as new, they’re reimagining the synth sounds from the ’80s while remaining fully aware of everything that has changed since the Reagan years. A truly wonderful tune!

They will be sharing a night of sweaty dancing with insane party warriors Big Digits and NYC’s indie-pop sensations (that remind us of Squeeze to a degree) Ramon & Dylan. Nate from Mystery Roar will be manning the ones-and-twos throughout the night, so make sure to get there early!

Facebook Event
9pm / 21+ / $9 (advance tickets)

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