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Show Crush: Boston Typewriter Orchestra / Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library at Club Passim Thursday

May 17, 2011
Boston Typewriter Orchestra

Who doesn’t love the calm, soothing sound of typewriters clicky-clacking away? Oh and that bell when the thing gets to the end of the thing and crashes back to start a new line! How about the sound of papers getting ripped out of the machines in frustration when an error is made? Even in the old typing pools of yore there had to have been some creative people tapping away rhythmically, amusing each other and angering the boss. Of course some people got together to make music using these sounds, it only makes sense, and those people are the Boston Typewriter Orchestra. They’ll be pounding away in all their QWERTY glory at the legendary Club Passim on Thursday night, bringing an entertaining mix of music, comedy and satire that is truly a sight to behold.

Quiet and fastidious by day, the book shelving members of the Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library will be putting down their ink pads and date stampers for the night in favor of musical instruments. These aren’t your grandmother’s librarians, silently walking home at the end of their shift, this card catalog chorus hits the clubs at night to play smart, catchy indie-pop inspired by their chosen profession. They recently appeared on the Local Music 101 podcast (on the same night as us), so check out their performance and interview from episode 8 (when you’re done listening to our part).

8pm / $15 (advance tickets)

Here’s a fan made video featuring the Boston Typewriter Orchestra:

And here are those wacky librarians:

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