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Show Crush: Joe Kowan (aka J-Krafty) / Leesa Coyne / Davina Yannetty / Nick Zaino at Armory Cafe tonight

May 20, 2011

Now, what with my shiny new baritone guitar arriving recently, I’ve got all things Western on the brain – I grant you that.  But there’s still something about the concept of this show that makes me see cowboys sloshing a bottle around a campfire and bandying stories from the trail.  (I guess I should really be seeing hobos around a fire, since technically, wayfaring is traveling by foot. But hold on, didn’t hobos hop trains?  Who exactly were these so-called wayfarers?)  Of course, this little fantasy of fevered tales and swollen laughter is probably informed just the teensiest bit by what I know about the musicians playing this thing. Great storytellers.  Great songwriters.  Great fun.  And… sure, okay, a little offbeat.


I’ve got faith in the economy ’cause airplanes aren’t getting hijacked as much as they used to be. – Joe Kowan

You can’t be a stalker without binoculars. – Davina Yannetty

I don’t care about your criminal record, baby. I think you’re clean. – Leesa Coyne (of Naked on Roller Skates)

As for Nick Zaino (of Wednesday’s CD On Songs fame), all his lyrics seem heartfelt, but then in a song description, he lets this slip: “Again, there’s a story here, but it’s better not to say too much.”  I think you need to go get this story out of him, Boston.  And all the rest of ’em, too.

The truly campfire thing about this show is that when they say “swap,” they mean they’re all gonna perch up there together with their guitars, ukes, kazoos, etc. and take turns, well, swapping songs.  I just love the idea of people sitting together, sharing their music for the sake of sharing their music. What a revolution.

And there couldn’t be a better setting for it than the Armory Café. (Except maybe an actual campfire.)  It’s the kinda place that lulls hotshot gunslingers into showing their lonesome dove sides, so don’t be surprised when you begin to sense the darkness in all that humor.

doors at 7:30 / $7 / Facebook event

  1. Thank you band crush homies.-J-Krafty

  2. Thanks for the help! The show was very much of the fun.

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