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Show Crush: Sea Monsters 7” release party / Brothers McCann at Precinct Sunday

May 27, 2011

There’s the Kraken, he’s a big one that everyone knows about. Sharktopous was huge last summer; Hydra and the Leviathan don’t get as much play as they should. If you’re looking for a modern-day classic, there’s always Jaws. Obviously we’re talking about Sea Monsters, and Boston’s band of the same name is all set to release their debut 7” Sunday night at Precinct. Ashley talked to founder Christian McNeill about it a little while back, and now the fateful day is upon us. It’s an offering that is no less colossal than the beasts they take their name from, full of primal energy and unrestrained power, and this live performance promises surprise guests and appearances by old friends of the band.

They’ll be helped by soulful rootpop stalwarts Brothers McCann, who are actually brothers and not just cleverly named. They layer harmonies and no hold barred rock ‘n roll on top of each other, resulting in unique and memorable performances every time.

Facebook event page
8pm / 21+

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