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Cruise Crush: Mellow Bravo / Viva Viva / The Organ Beats on Mass Bay Lines tomorrow

June 2, 2011

Tomorrow night’s epic booze cruise lineup is one that either you won’t be able to ever forget, or you won’t be able to remember in the morning. Take your pick.

Mellow Bravo‘s sound brings together elements of classic soul and rhythm & blues, heavy rock (as their Van Halen covers demonstrate), and the great wave of modern rock that came of the Seattle area a long time ago. “You have to be shameless. There’s nothing more embarassing than a man singing songs,” says Keith Pierce, the larger-than-life frontman for Mellow Bravo, which may just be the hottest band in Boston right now. He’s one of those rare singers that can just open his soul and project more energy than seems possible. He also has a unique way of moving that makes him the perfect front man. Keyboardist/vocalist/siren Jess Collins has the soul, style and grace to balance Keith’s persona, and a beautiful sound that goes perfectly with Keith’s gritty and unpretentious swagger. Her keyboard playing fills out the band’s guitar-based sound with some powerful vintage-key sounds. It’s really the combination of these two that make this band unstoppable right out of the gate. This band also has some serious ammunition in the guitar department, in the form of Jeff Fultz and Andrew Doherty. Jeff Fultz is one of the most technically gifted guitarists in town, as exemplified by the appearance of the legendary guitar section of Bang Camaro in the front row at a recent Thin Lizzy tribute that he performed in. Doherty’s unique and melodic style is the perfect balance to Fultz’ pyrotechnics. He is also, seemingly impossibly, a member of Motherboar, one of the best heavy bands not only in town, but anywhere. Bassist Seager Tennis is twice actual size, and brings the groove. Drummer Dave Jarvis is perhaps the most grounded member of the band, while at the same time being one of the funniest dudes you could ever hang out with. All of the band members share a diverse background and a passion for what they do that makes this a really special band, and it’s great to have them in town.

Viva Viva was one of the amazing bands from Boston that descended on South by Southwest this year. They were the big stars at the MayFair festival in Harvard Square as well. On occasion they have been known to modestly refer to themselves as the second-greatest band in the world, and have been called the best live band in Boston by the Boston Phoenix. While certainly modern-sounding, they have a deep appreciation for the classic rock of the ’60s and ’70s. Their lineup includes Dave Vicini (formerly of the Lot Six), Chris Warren (formerly of Officer May), keyboardist Fumika Kato, bassist Dan Burke (who was also in The Lot Six), and drummer Dominic Mariano.

One of the great things about the Boston rock scene is the support that bands give each other, and a good example of this is the bands that have come out of Waltham, who all go to each others’ shows. One of the bands in the middle of this scene is The Organ Beats. Frontwoman Noelle LeBlanc is well known to many from her old band Damone. It’s simply in her blood to give a full-on great rock performance, and she is the photogenic subject of some great rock photos from the likes of local scene icon and rock photographer JustBill. She also has great taste in guitars such as her to-die-for white SG doubleneck. The drum throne is manned by Noelle’s brother and partner in crime, Danny LeBlanc, who is a wall of positive energy on stage and off. The lineup currently includes Waltham guitar wizard Alex Fiorentino and bassist Mikey Colocouris.

If you’re really, really lucky you might catch a rare glimpse of obscure scene icon Tiny Cooler as well.

The boat boards a 7:15 sharp and returns at 11pm. You definitely don’t want to show up late for this one!

Facebook Event Page
Mass Bay Lines
60 Rowes Wharf, Boston

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