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Band Crush: Bozmo

June 27, 2011

A super-group of sorts, the band Bozmo is also a side project of sorts, comprised of members of Pretty & Nice, Wonderful Spells, Earthquake Party and The Toothaches. Tonight at O’Brien’s they’ll celebrate the cassette release of their terrific debut, Hosanna in the Highest, with The Clippers and The Big Big Bucks. Our mutual friend Ben Husk sat down with members Bo Moore (vocals/guitar), Jeremy Mendicino (lead guitar/vocals), Josh “J-Raff” Carrasco (drums) and John Jannetty (bass), along with a few other well wishers and do-gooders, after a practice at their house in Brighton. The house is also home to Esthudio, a fully equipped and well endowed musical studio in the basement of the residence of members of many bands including Pretty & Nice, Drummers, Yale, Massachusetts, The Appreciation Post, Mind Yeti, and many others.

BBC: What is a Bozmo?
Jeremy Mendicino: It’s a precocial bird that comes out of an apple’s core.
Bo Moore: Bozmo came from a poem I wrote one time. It was just an idea of a character. For a while when I first started making demos, Bozmo is what I would put on them, and now Bozmo is a band idea.

BBC: So the new album is called Hosanna in the Highest – who is Hosanna and why is she the highest?
JM: Hosanna in the highest is something that has been written many times in the Christian faith.
BM: Yeah, it came from the song they sing in church.
JM: You know, it’s just a little piece of the service.

(All begin singing “Christ is arisen / Christ will come again”)

J-Raff: I remember sometimes I would burst out laughing during the sermons.
BM: But the serious answer is this: At first i thought it was funny, but then I looked it up and means something like “save me god’ or something hopeful like that and I thought it was fitting because all these songs I had are kind of about coming from a dark place but still having a sense of hope and power.
JM: Basically it’s just a reference to the reverie stating God is the highest and greatest power.

BBC: Where did you record the album?
BM: Jeremy recorded it in what used to be the Wonderfull Spells’ practice space in Allston on an 8-track and then took it here to the our basement where we run our recording studio, Esthudio. We just wrapped up the new Reports record and are always working on other projects like the new Earthquake Party EP, which our very own J-Raff plays drums in.

BBC: Is it on vinyl?
BM: It’s on cassette and Bandcamp.
JM: It will be godammit! It will not be considered released by me until it is available on record.

BBC: Do you consider yourself a supergroup?
JM: We’re like Chickenfoot… or Audioslave even.
BM: We were all playing with each other in different incarnations anyways. I was in Pretty and Nice, and me and J-Raff and Johnny played in other bands. It’s a “logic group” – it just made sense.

BBC: The first single from the album is called “Milksnakes” – what’s a milksnake?
JM: First off, it’s an actual kind of snake.
BM: I learned about this in a science book. Batesian mimicry is when certain animals evolve to have the markings of a similar and more deadly animal though they are not at all dangerous or poisonous. A milksnake looks like a coral snake – they have red, yellow, black, and white stripes but in different orders. It looks exactly the same as the really deadly one, the coral snake.
Johnny Jannetty: Red touches yellow, you’re a dead fellow. Red touches black, you’re ok jack!
BM: The word milksnake itself kinda says it all. Milk is a nurturing, mild substance, while a snake is an evil thing.
Lou Jannetty (from TAB the band): I thought it was like how every time I make a demo I usually just think of stupid words and put them together…
JM: Like pizza-shoe?
JM: Batesian mimicry is all about evolving to include something of a dangerous nature in your not dangerous self. It’s like an evolutionary mask, a facade. Call 1-800-MILKSNK for more conversation on such topics.
BM: More questions, go!

BBC: What are some of your summer plans?
-Go to the beach!
-Crusin’ for babes in my pizza shoe!
BM: So I play in Rebels Eat Apples, and we have a children’s pop band called The Thinkers and we just recorded an album and we’re doing a tour for a fucking month and a half, all July and half of August. We’re doing the whole country in a car and we’re gonna play children’s hospitals and museums, and we’re gonna busk a lot.
J-Raff: Got a show with Earthquake Party! on June 29th at Middlesex and we just played a sweet show with Times New Viking at Great Scott and they crashed at our house and stuff.
JJ: I”m working full time and going to school. I have to work overtime.
BM: You’ve got it all man!

BBC: Where does the magic happen?
BM: The magic happens everywhere but everyone has to be feeling a little bit mischievous, a little bit borderline ridiculous, confident when being kinda silly.

BBC: Last question: Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods?
(a bunch of shouts for Trader Joe’s)
JJ: Two buck Chuck, c’mon!
BM: Yeh, Charles Shaw.
J-Raff: I still drive to Stop and Shop.

Ben Husk is the drummer for The Diamond Mines and is probably still in bed. We expect he’ll wake up in time to hit O’Brien’s tonight. He’ll see you there!

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