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Show Crush: Taiwan Typhoon / The Rationales / Reverse / I, Pistol (EP Release) tomorrow at TT’s

July 13, 2011

Daanen Krouth (The Luxury/formerly I, Pistol) once cajoled me to come down and see I, Pistol play a magical show with The Motion Sick and Topheavy, and I’m grateful to him for it. Sometimes a show can be good enough to make you believe that anything can happen, and the universe can open like a flower for a little while. That was one of those shows. These gentlemen will be celebrating the release of their new EP, Trust, tomorrow night at TT’s, where they’ll hit the stage first to make way for their esteemed guests – so make sure you’re on time for this one. Rick Taylor, possibly the most gracious and well-mannered fellow we know, is also the only frontman in town brave enough to have the manic team of Dave Stoops and John C. Cahill in his band, and it really works. Perhaps you remember them from their appearance in yesterday’s C.D. On Songs; here’s their video (directed by award-winning Boston video director Michael Gill) for “Never Coming Back” from the new release:

Taiwan Typhoon took their time putting together their sound before playing live, saying they didn’t want to waste anyone’s time. That painstaking work is clearly apparent in the result. Proud members of local label Curve of the Earth‘s family of bands, they will surely put on a scorching set.

The Rationales‘ brand of power-pop-Americana with a tinge of darkness sometimes leads reviewers to mistake singer David Mirabella for a sad sap, when in real life Dave is about the most upbeat and positive person you could ever hope to meet. Their songs are finely crafted and you will usually find one or more local songwriters in the front row at their shows, in some kind of inspired state or another.

Reverse are a favorite of many who know their way around the local rock scene. The talented Ian Kennedy fronts this band, and I implore you to go see drummer Mike Piehl in this band, and then in Dennis Brennan‘s band – which is about as far removed stylistically as you can get – and not question your own sanity.

TT the Bear’s
8:30 / 18+ / $8
Facebook Event

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