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Show Crush: Full Body Anchor / The Acro-Brats / Cradle to the Grave / The Scandals at O’Brien’s tomorrow

July 14, 2011

Remember those commercials for the monster truck rallies at the Centrum from when you were a kid? You’d be watching the creature double feature on channel 38 and all of a sudden that voice would come on announcing Bigfoot, Grave Digger, Truckasaurus and all their friends. You didn’t even have to make it past the first couple words of the voice over, you just knew that this guy wasn’t messing around; this event was going to be loud, dirty and potentially deadly. Well, if there was ever a commercial for tomorrow night’s show at O’Brien’s they’d use that same voice.

Full Body Anchor will close the night out, with frontman Eric “Rice” Edmonston breathing fire as he careens around the stage (and occasionally the area in front of the stage). True punk outlaws the Acro-Brats will speed through a set of blistering rock that can’t be controlled in the slightest. Cradle to the Grave will astonish with their powerful riffs and hammering drums; plus they’ll be featuring the lovely Julie TwoTimes (Tijuana Sweetheart) on bass for the evening. New Jersey imports The Scandals will get everything started. $7 gets you the whole seat… but you’ll only need the edge!

Facebook event page
9pm / 21+ / $7

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