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Show Crush: Wolf’s 18th Annual Bastille Day A-Go-Go at TT’s tonight

July 15, 2011

Bastille Day was actually yesterday, but it’s harder to celebrate this sort of thing when you’ve got to work in the morning, so it’s perfectly fine that this got pushed a day. For anyone who didn’t take honors history in high school, Bastille Day is when we celebrate the time that whoever the French George Washington was made everybody eat cake. You may want to check our facts on that one, but we think we got it pretty close.

The facts aren’t what matters here, though. What matters is the party they’ve got set up over at TT the Bear’s Place tonight. Shaun Wolf Wortis and the Legendary Vudu Krew All Star Mardi Gras Band will hold Cambridge under siege with their brand of N’awlins funk and soul. The non-stop rhythm and blues revue will also include the absolutely dynamite Jordan Valentine and the Sunday Saints, who sound like they’ve made some sort of crossroads pact with the devil himself; the dark and powerful Holly Brewer of HUMANWINE; crooner extraordinaire Ad Frank; bluesy Jed Parish; and the legendary Mick Mondo. Come out this evening and celebrate whatever it is that’s being celebrated!

Facebook event page
8:30pm / 18+ / $10 (advance tickets)

Here’s Shaun with his Gato Malo project:

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