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Show Crush: Mount Peru, Allysen Callery @ Lily Pad tomorrow night

July 27, 2011

You can say a lot of good things about Boston. The music, as evidenced by this blog, is amazing here. I’ve got cheap health care. We’ve also got the best goddamned Paul Revere house the country has ever seen. However, what Boston lacks is good Tex-Mex. Everyone crows about how great Anna’s is — I once inadvertently witnessed a dude’s O-face when he spoke of Anna’s — but let me drop some knowledge on you: Anna’s is okay at best. However (and this is where I get to the point) there is hope. Ole and its smaller offshoot Olecito is right around the corner from the Lily Pad in Inman Square.

Incidentally, this is only one small tasty reason to head out to the Lily Pad on Thursday. Mount Peru will be performing there tomorrow night. The Best Music Poll-nominated five piece is fresh off a June jaunt through the South and the Midwest, riding on their album My Sweetheart the Destroyer (produced by Eric Masunaga). Providence-based folk artist Allysen Callery will be opening the evening. The blog Call It Folk described her as the “Tim Burton of folk music” last year, but please do not be alarmed, folks; she’s never cast Johnny Depp or Helena Bonham Carter in anything and as far as I know is not responsible for shitty remakes of classic films. Allysen performed a string of dates in Europe this past May in support of her latest release Winter Island.

The intimate setting of the Lily Pad is an especially great environment for this show. The thing I enjoy about the place is that the evening tends to become something that is, unfortunately, often lost in the bluster of your typical rock show outing: a communion of the audience and the performer. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t enjoy the occasional hangout on the opposite side of T.T.’s bullshitting with friends while watching a band on CCTV and throwing back pickleback after bedeviled pickleback.

But sometimes, goddamn it, I need a real burrito to go with a show.

Cover is an increasingly rare five bones, and — even rarer — the show is all ages. Bring the kids, willya? And take heart on the Tex-Mex, kids. At least it’s better than what I’ve eaten in Arizona.

All ages | $5 | Doors at 7pm
Facebook event

* I will be registering this genre tomorrow morning with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, right after I settle a lawsuit over Pitchfork’s unlawful use of Post-Grunge-Pre-Screamo-Emo-Shoegazetronica™.

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