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Show(s) Crush: Girls, Guns and Glory Friday and Saturday at the Lizard Lounge

July 29, 2011

In the late ’80s and early ’90s there was a rock and roll movement that seemed destined to stick around for a long time. No, not grunge; I’m talking about alt-country. Bands like the Jayhawks, Uncle Tupelo (which later turned into Son Volt and Wilco), and Whiskeytown were all supposed darlings of the music industry with their songs about heartbreak, whiskey soaked memories and life driving down a long, dusty highway. Then boy-bands happened and the rest is history. But there are bands who still carry the torch that Mr. Tweedy, Ryan Adams and Jay Farrar lit.

In the opening crying wails of “Baby’s Got a Dream”, it’s pretty apparent that Girls Guns and Glory that this band is more “country” than “alt” but they have a certain raw edge that separates them from the polished and painted country music you hear on the radio. Songs like “This Old House” and “Snake Skin Belt” off their stellar new disk, Sweet Nothings, stomp and shuffle their way towards retribution only to come up delightfully short leaving us to ask “what comes next”? The boys will be headlining a two night shindig at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge to celebrate the aforementioned new release.

One of the benefits I’ve encountered since writing for Band Crush has been the thrill of hearing new artists every week or so. Artists that I may not have otherwise heard of (but that’s why you read BBC … right?). Of course with every band or musician I hear, I go in thinking “ok, impress me.” I can say without a doubt that Margaret Glaspy has blown my expectations so far out of the water, Chief Brody would have no problem finding that shark; she’ll be opening the show on Friday. Saturday will bring modern speakeasy devils the Blue Ribbons and their tales of love and loss. If you like music and like to do things good for your soul, do yourself a favor and get their early to check them both out.

8:30 / 21+ / $10

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