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Show Crush: The Lights Out / The Honors / The Mallett Brothers Band / I, Pistol at the Middle East upstairs tonight

August 5, 2011

Tonight the Middle East upstairs will host some of Boston’s hardest-working bands. The interesting thing about each of these bands is they are not part of an established scene or clique with a bunch of ready-made fans; they work hard to earn every fan. The Lights Out, The Honors and I, Pistol are local bands that put on the kind of show you usually only see from a touring band; they play every show like they’re trying to win over a brand new audience.

The Lights Out have a well developed style of melodic, hooky rock that doesn’t forget to strut and swagger. Each member of this band has the talent to front a band yet they work together extremely well in a democratic manner. These guys are consummate showmen and are all seen regularly supporting the music of other Boston bands. Their Mike Gill-directed video to “Gottagetouttahere” should give you a sense of what they have to offer.

The Honors have honed their style by playing a huge number of shows for a local band, having a regular weekly show. They put a lot of work into their arrangements yet never lose sight of the song as a whole, a trait they have in common with The Lights Out. Their live video of “Driven by Strangers” should give you a taste of their sound.

The Mallett Brothers Band hail from Portland, Maine and have won a ton of awards and are well loved in their home town. Tonight is your chance to out what all the fuss is about.

I, Pistol recently released their new EP, “Trust”. During their set I was enjoying the fact that John C. Cahill seemed to be channelling some of that Dave Grohl manna, and thought how cool it would be if Dave cloned himself and played live drums in his own band Foo Fighters. That’s not going to happen. But I, Pistol playing at the Middle East is and that’s pretty damn cool if you ask me. Why not check out their video to “Never Coming Back”, another one by award winning local director Mike Gill.

Facebook Event
18+ / $10 / 8:00pm

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